Win the Race-to-Market Like Oracle Red Bull Racing Wins F1

Billions—with a “B”—of simulations highlight the benefits of Oracle Cloud.

Oracle Cloud has become a showcase of the technological prowess of the Oracle Red Bull Racing team. Not only do fans utilize the technology to keep track of racing day data, but the team also uses it to compute billions of simulations in order to win on the track.

“Oracle Cloud helped us to our championship wins in 2021 and 2022, and we know it will give our fans, the team and our drivers even more to get excited about this season,” said Oracle Red Bull Racing Team Principal and CEO Christian Horner in a press release.

(Image courtesy of Oracle Cloud.)

(Image courtesy of Oracle Cloud.)

To 250,000 fans, Oracle Red Bull Racing’s cloud technology is visible through The Paddock, an engagement tool that uses the Oracle Cloud Customer Experience to beam behind-the-scenes interactions, videos, contests and trivia to their mobile devices. But the race day information gathered and shared can be just as useful to the team itself.

Horner said, “We rely on Oracle to deliver insight from data that helps us make more informed, effective and faster decisions on and off the track. From race strategy to fan engagement—and as a critical part of our Red Bull Powertrains infrastructure—Oracle is an integral part of our success as an organization.”

For instance, the information collected can be used, in real-time, within the simulations produced during a race. The team can then use the results from the simulations to make split-second decisions. So, in theory, if there is an obstruction on the track, or the weather suddenly shifts, the simulations can help the team improve their chances of winning given these new impacts on the race.

But Cloud technology isn’t just designed to help Formula 1 teams. Engineers can use cloud technologies throughout product lifecycles to help guide their strategy. If data shows that customers are using products in unexpected ways, that can be plugged into simulations and run on the Cloud during the design process of the product’s next iteration. If something goes wrong on the production floor, again cloud-based simulations can be run to get things back up and running as fast as possible. And with these fast and accurate simulations, design teams can optimize products quickly and get products to market faster.

“Oracle technology is built to help customers win,” said Karan Batta, Vice President, Product, OCI. “Oracle Red Bull Racing uses the exact same technology that helps organizations around the world and across nearly every industry solve their biggest and most complex challenges.”

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