Wi-Fi Solution for Microcontrollers

Connect your microcontroller-based design to the internet.

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CC3000 Integration Block Diagram

You can easily connect your microcontroller-based design to the internet with Wi-Fi® using the TI SimpleLink TM CC3000 network processor module. The self-contained solution allows your device to connect on a network using a smart phone, tablet, or PC.

Imagine interconnecting thermostats, or providing remote access to sensor data, system maintenance, system configuration and data storage to the cloud.

You can optimize your system and leveraging the “Internet of Things.”

The CC3000 supports IEEE 802.11 b/g wireless standards and includes an embedded IPv4 TCP/IP stack. This should take care of all the storage and packetizing problems that make wireless implementations difficult on smaller microcontrollers (MCUs). The unit communicates with the host MCU using SPI as the primary interface.

The biggest advantages of the CC3000 solution stem from the reduced manufacturing costs for your design. This is due to the decreased board space and development time of your final product design. A CC3000 module-based Wi-Fi design can be accomplished with low PCB part counts as demonstrated by the module reference design from the datasheet.

CC3000 can also simplify certification issues and lower the RF expertise required for Wi-Fi implementations. The software drivers, sample applications, API guide, and user documentation provide more than enough design integration support.

Since host microcontrollers usually have limited I/O display capabilities, the CC3000 provides Wi-Fi radio connectivity methods. Mobile phones, tablets, computers, and other Wi-Fi devices connect through a special SSID name given to the CC3000 which then associates the chip with a Wi-Fi access point.

To make setup easier, TI provides an evaluation module. The CC3000 module, standard RF1, and RF2 headers connect to MSP430™, Tiva™ C Series, and C2000™ platforms. TI also offers CC3000 in a BoosterPack format for instant connection with MCU LaunchPad boards.

CC3000 EM

CC3000 BoosterPack

The SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000 wiki organizes links to the CC3000 hardware/software documentation, example code, testing, certification, and community support. TI also supports an online Java-based configuration application that will complete the Wi-Fi setup and connection to an access point in one step. –

With the SimpleLink CC3000 modules, you can create your own “Internet of Things.” For example, CC3000 technology can pass information between your design and networked PCs, smart phones, and tablets with just SPI communication connectivity and basic Wi-Fi connectivity knowledge.

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