Why is the Tower of Hanoi called so?

Why is the Tower of Hanoi called so?

There are several myths why it is called so:

There is a myth that there is a very old Indian temple containing three posts and sixty-four golden-made disks.
The priests at that temple have to move these disks (the same way this puzzle works), and they’ve been doing so for the last few hundreds of years.
They think that when the last disk is moved, the world may come to an end.

Another one says that the temple is a monastery and the priests are monks. This monastery is seen to be found in many parts of the world with a main presence in Hanoi, Vietnam (thus the name).

Some other tweaks to this fiction are that the priests can only perform one move per day or that this puzzle was created when the world was created.

And then there are more variations of these stories on http://hanoitower.mkolar.org/HThistory.h…