Where you Live is Important to this Blog Article.

Back to work on Solar One ;Yes, I am once again at work on the Solar One project but until I have enough to post for everyone that might be interested in that one, I have this idea for you to ;consider and I believe we should all talk about it.

An Idea to Consider for H2O

Corporal Willy, September, 9th, 2009

   There is a great need for water worldwide and we have all the water that is needed to fix the problem of droughts, global warming and also the need for potable water supplies.  The earth is like a biome and takes care of its own needs when left alone for the most part.  Since leaving it alone is not an option with several billion people on its surface, here is the easiest of all solutions to enact in my humble opinion.

     Every nation on earth should be required to dig and build holding ponds of a certain percentage of their unused lands.  They need to be very large holding ponds with perhaps rubberized bottoms to prevent the water from leaking out of these holding basins so easily.  They must be built using “green” technologies.  Those nations not near enough or land locked from the seas can negotiate with nations that are, in order to pump in large amounts of sea water that is only filtered.  If they still cannot do this because of geography than they should agree to help other nations to accomplish it.  No matter where you live on this third planet from the sun you have a stake in this.

    The whole idea here is to allow for a very fast evaporation rate that is self regulating, than from just what the seas alone can do.  The evaporated water from these vast shallow ponds will of course mix into the air and at some point when they can no longer be supported in the atmosphere, it will condensate into rain or snow.  If this is done on a very large scale we will replenish the lands, forests, lakes, rivers and ground water tables automatically using the solar power given to us by our sun that for the most part just warms the earth.  That is the problem to begin with at this time.

    This is a very simple method to bring about a change for the better all over the world.  Again in my humble opinion.  It is not rocket science being stated here but just an observation I’ve seen in how many times I have to bring the water level up in my pool especially in the summer months, because of the evaporation rates.  Do this around the world especially in the equatorial countries and I also believe that it will help to cool down the earth too, because cloudy days do not allow a lot of solar energy to reach the ground.  This is a significant use of the engineering principal called KISS.  It doesn’t have to be complicated in my opinion.  Mother Nature keeps things pretty simple too but SHE is reacting to all of our abuse of the environment, that SHE has to try and keep in order.   This is my solution to these global problems; to use the seas better to help solve all of these problems simultaneously.  Poorer nations should get help from the UN.  Are you laughing?  We all have to do it together simply because we all live here.  Solutions must come forth very soon.  Now we need your opinions, ideas and solutions so everyone can benefit from the world of knowledge that you all possess.  Bye for now, for a healthy world.

Corporal Willy