When it Comes to Career Development, No Excuses This Year!

When it Comes to Career Development, No Excuses This Year!

I know, I know the economy still stinks and companies still aren’t hiring. Companies who haven’t laid people off have cut salaries and promotions and have no opportunities for advancement. I SAY, “SO WHAT?” There is absolutely no excuse for you not to advance your career this year.

Think about what career development really is. Your career is what? Your degree? Your license? Your salary? No, No and NO! Your career is YOU! Yes in some instances, your resume will get you a job, but it won’t help you keep it. YOU are ultimately what companies hire. So if your career is YOU, then career development is simply developing yourself.

Now that we straightened that out, what are you doing to develop yourself right now? Are you pursuing certifications that will give you more knowledge and credibility in your industry? Are you improving your communication and public speaking skills? Are you building meaningful relationships in your industry? Are you using LinkedIn to build a solid professional network? We have loaded our facebook fanpge with articles that will give you ideas of things you can do, right now.

My point is that you can always make excuses for your career becoming stagnant or stuck, but the truth is, you can always do something to help yourself develop and grow as professionals. Sometimes the results may not be immediate, however they will come.

So if you find yourself making an excuse, stop, and redirect your energy towards something productive that will help you develop! I wish you a happy, healthy and successful 2011! You WILL do great things!

Posted by Anthony Fasano, P.E.

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