What’s the Tech4PD Web Show?

By now, you may or may not have heard about our new Tech4PD web show. If you have, you maybe asking what the heck its all about.

If you just want to watch it, jump this link.

But if you want to get more insight into web show, read on. I’ve outlined a punch list of common questions that might be running through your head. So let’s start with the obvious one.

What’s covered?

Here’s the quick rundown.

  • Jim Brown and I are the co-hosts for the show.
  • In every episode, we take on a serious topic related to technology used to enable product development.
  • We provide a little background as to why the topic is important.
  • We debate the topic. Sometimes we agree. More often, we disagree.
  • We predict the future of the issue in the industry.
  • All the web shows are produced, hosted and promoted on ENGINEERING.com.

This web show, however, isn’t just some broadcast. You as a viewer play an important role. YOU determine the winner of the debate. And that’s no insignificant fact. Why? Because the loser has to fulfill a consequence in the next episode. Here are the consequences for the first few episodes.

  • The loser of the 1st debate will have to brush their teeth with wasabi.
  • The loser of the 2nd debate has to get a temporary tattoo of the show’s logo.
  • The loser of the 3rd debate has to do a ‘polar bear’ swim in the middle of winter.

Each of these consequences will be filmed and shown in the next episode. So at the end of episode 2, you’ll see either Jim or I brushing our teeth with wasabi.

Why a debate?

Heh. Well, Jim and I like to argue.

Seriously though, there are a lot of outstanding issues related to technology in product development. There are lots of executives and users out there trying to make the right decision with respect to technology, but its a very confusing place right now. We believe that the most valid points regarding a topic are the ones that stand up to scrutiny. Those that stand up to debate. And that’s what Jim and I are trying to do here.

That… and well… Jim and I like to argue.

Why a web show?

Why not just blog? Why not just podcast?

Those are great mediums to use for communication. Heck, I blogged about it. However, some content is simply easier to consume via video. Bandwidth has gotten to the point where video is viable. But furthermore, you get to see the facial reactions and body language of Jim and I as we debate. You can really tell when we recognize each other’s valid points and when we viscerally disagree with each other. That’s important in understanding each person’s point of view.

How can you get involved?

Obviously, the most tangible thing you can do is vote. And… well… vote for me.

But there’s other ways you can get involved.

  1. Suggest new Tech4PD topics. We’re always looking for more topics to debate. Leave a comment here or at the Tech4PD channel page. But you can also take to twitter using the hashtag #Tech4PD.
  2. Suggest more consequences. We’re looking for more ways to make this debate have some bite. Suggest anything via comments or the twitter hashtag #Tech4PD. However, there are two constraints. Nothing illegal. Nothing lethal. And by the way, those constraints were imposed by our families, so that’s the one thing NOT up for debate.

Summary and Questions

Alright. Let’s recap.

  • Jim Brown and I have launched a new web show called Tech4PD.
  •  In it, we debate important topics related to technology for product development.
  • You can vote to determine the winner. The loser has a consequence to fulfill. The loser of the 1st episode has to brush their teeth with wasabi.
  • All the web shows are produced, hosted and promoted on ENGINEERING.com.
  • Oh yeah. Go watch the first episode.

Before I ask you questions, I think I have a few. Can I get out of this? Will brushing my teeth with wasabi blow my head up? Will I have a heart attack if I do a polar bear swim?

Oh yeah. Nevermind. I just remembered this is Jim Brown we’re talking about.

Alright, now a few questions for you. What topics should we debate next? What consequences should we line up for future episodes? Sound off. We’re interested in what you twisted folks on twitter will come up with.

Take care. Talk soon. And thanks for reading.