What’s New Solidworks 2014 – Sheet Metal

Sheet metal forming is much an art as it is a science.  Read more about how Solidworks 2014 can improve your sheet metal designs.

I’m infatuated with sheet metal.  Forming metal, when you think about what it takes to do that the end result is nothing short of incredible.  It’s also a black art, and only those deeply experienced with sheet metal forming have a true understanding of the art that goes into making a part to spec.  That is the great intrigue about sheet metal, the challenge of getting it right.  Let’s delve into how Solidworks 2014 makes it easier to do sheet metal right.

#1 – Gussets

Because a bent flange is pretty weak, but for some reason adding a bend within a bend is exponentially stiffer.  It is also really hard to model if the tools within the design software won’t create a gusset automatically.  The only thing better, is if the design software controlled the gusset with user input that matched the forming tools that will be used to physically create it.

#2 – Bend Transitions and Corner Reliefs

Why do I like these options so much?  Because the challenge of sheet metal for me is designing a sheet metal part that can be manufactured.  So often, it’s the little things that prevent the bending equipment from making a successful bend.  Tearing, stretching, or excessive coining often occur to the untrained and inexperienced.  The proper bend transition and corner relief can prevent those costly manufacturing errors.  Get it right on the screen before scrapping metal.

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Thanks to Matthew West and the Solidworks Blog for images and video.