What’s New Solidworks 2014 – 2D

By improving 2D, 3D improves also.  Read more to see my favorite sketching and drafting enhancements in Solidworks 2014.

Because 3D parts have 2D views, whether in the modeling or drafting environment.  To be more efficient at 3D, the 2D tools have to improve also.  These are my favorite enhancements to sketching and drafting.

#1 – Angular Running Dimensions

I know that many machine designers have gone to electronic or pneumatic controls.  But sometimes, a CAM is the best option.  Now there are many applications to angular running dimensions, but being able to call out the angular locations of dwell, rise, dwell, and fall on a CAM in a clean format is a time-saving tool that also improves communication and understanding of the part.  Legacy machines watch out, your parts are going to be recreated in CAD.

#2 – Fixed Length Spline

Sketch Fixed Length 2
Raise your hands if your MCAD tool does a great job at modeling soft goods?  No? I didn’t think so.  But with fixed length splines, Solidworks 2014 is a step closer.  From tubing to webbing to wires, anything that is purchased as a fixed length item and then bent, shaped, and routed to fit a random path can now be modeled within Solidworks without needing specialty add-on packages.

More Integrated Workflows

Thanks to Matthew West and the Solidworks Blog for images and video.