What You Need to Know About Hardware for NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise

The 3D design collaboration and simulation platform requires the right system.

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Industries that use 3D as part of their workflow face challenges with the rise of remote work and increasingly complex design and production pipelines that are difficult to manage in real-time. Modern 3D utilizes technologies such as global illumination, real-time ray tracing, path tracing, artificial intelligence (AI), compute and physically accurate simulation.

3D workflows require multi-disciplinary teams with a broad range of skills. Each team member has a unique skill set requiring multiple tools and system requirements. Major CAD and CAE ISVs have independent application ecosystems of add-ons, adjacent products and customizations.

Teams must repeatedly export and import data due to incompatible file formats or information lost when moving from one application to another. Version control issues preclude a “single source of truth” leading to workflow bottlenecks, productivity losses and less iteration time required to maximize creativity and innovation. Recent software platforms like NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise aim to solve these problems and more.

(Source: PNY.)

(Source: PNY.)

How NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise Meets 3D Simulation Requirements

NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise is a 3D collaboration and simulation platform that resolves the issues currently bedeviling sophisticated 3D workflows.

Pixar invented Universal Scene Description (USD) and open-sourced it in 2015, making it the de-facto standard for portable files containing 3D models and associated metadata. USD provides a common standard that allows applications to interchange even the most complex 3D models with full physical accuracy, scaling from a single design component to entire virtual worlds and digital twins.

NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise supports many NVIDIA RTX workstation graphics cards, such as the NVIDIA RTX A6000, RTX A5500, RTX A5000, RTX A4500 and RTX A4000 . NVIDIA RTX cards can deliver real-time photorealistic ray tracing with their specialized RT Cores. Tensor Cores support AI-enhanced tasks such as denoising. With NVIDIA RTX, real-time 3D went from producing images that merely “look good” to images indistinguishable from photographs, since they accurately simulate how light interacts with matter.

(Source: PNY.)

(Source: PNY.)

Components of NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise

Omniverse Nucleus is a database and collaboration engine that enables the interchange of 3D assets. Nucleus offers a publish and subscribe mechanism, to enable real-time collaboration, including the unique capability to allow multiple users to interactively collaborate on project data while using multiple applications. Nucleus scales from local systems to the cloud.

Omniverse Connectors (or plugins) open portals connecting the Omniverse platform and saves USD and MDL (Material Definition Language) content. Bi-Directional Connectors share real-time updates between both the application and Omniverse in real time. Uni-Directional Connectors deliver real-time updates in Omniverse. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are also building connectors, so their applications integrate into Omniverse.

Omniverse Kit is a powerful toolkit for developers and power users to easily create their own custom tools and extensions to accelerate unique or IP-sensitive portions of their workflows. A Kit Extension system including OmniUI Graph API, OmniUI Models and View Widgets is also available.

Omniverse Simulation includes PhysX 5, Blast, and Flow for physics-based simulations across a range of disciplines.

Omniverse RTX Renderer provides a multi-GPU enabled renderer based on NVIDIA RTX that supports both real-time ray tracing and referenced path tracing, with photorealistic and cinematic quality output.

Omniverse Enterprise includes Create and View applications that display photorealistic collaboration sessions in real-time. Omniverse Create provides advanced USD scene composition, lighting, and rendering. Omniverse View provides immersive, true-to-reality visualization for reviews and approvals.

NVIDIA RTX vWS and virtualization solutions from Citrix, Red Hat or VMware ae required for virtualized deployments. (Source: PNY.)

*NVIDIA RTX vWS and virtualization solutions from Citrix, Red Hat or VMware required for virtualized deployments. (Source: PNY.)

BOXX-NVIDIA Certified Hardware and Software for NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise

BOXX is a provider of high-performance workstations, rendering systems and servers. BOXX systems including the BOXX RAXX P4G system (BOXX APEXX Everest, APEXX Matterhorn, and FLEXX A1G hardware) are built with the NVIDIA A40 data center GPU and workstations offer the NVIDIA RTX boards required to realize the full potential of NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise.

The BOXX RAXX P4G data center platform has been validated as an NVIDIA-Certified System, along with five BOXX desktop workstations. All successfully completed a rigorous suite of functional and performance tests with enterprise NVIDIA GPUs and NVIDIA Networking hardware and have been evaluated by NVIDIA engineers for performance, stability and scalability. BOXX offers “Jam Sessions” (test drives) of NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise to prospective customers utilizing their innovative hardware and software integration capabilities.

(Source: BOXX.)

(Source: BOXX.)

Click here to contact BOXX and schedule your own NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise Jam Session.

Hardware for NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise Solutions

Current 3D simulation and design is difficult and time-consuming which can cause cost overruns, schedule slippage or even product redesign. Existing systems don’t provide real-time photorealistic collaboration with teams across multiple locations.

GPU-accelerated AI simulations using NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise allow photorealistic immediate collaboration between groups in different geographic locations. NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise saves engineering time, prototyping costs and can help reduce product time-to-market; all while improving product quality and innovation in a manufacturing context. Similar gains are also possible for AECO, CAD, CAE and M&E companies.

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