what is process done by upconverter in communications

what is process done by upconverter in communications


An upconverter is a device used in telecommunications to increase the frequency of a signal from a lower frequency to an higher frequency. The process to accomplish this is called modulation. In modulation your original signal is “added” to a carrier with a non-linear electronic device. The resultant signal is the sum of the two frequencies and the difference. The difference frequency is filtered out and the NEW higher frequency is then used.

To recover the original signal at the other end the process is reversed. The higher frequency is modulated with the carrier again with a similar non-linear electronic device. This time the difference is saved and the sum is filtered out.

This process is not new to Satellite communications but has been around since before the days of FM (frequency modulated) radio.

To achieve clean results and completely recover the original signal with this process it may have to be done more than once both ways and special filters are used to get rid of