What Are You Gonna Do When Zombies Come For You? Hop On This Bike

When the apocalypse happens how are you going to bug out? How ‘bout this DIY motoped, compete with crossbow.

motor bike, zombie, apocalypse If you’re anything like me, when you imagine apocalyptic scenarios, whether they be zombie, asteroid or disease related, your first thought will be about bugging out of whatever ‘burg you’re currently in. Given that major thoroughfares might be a bit dicey it’s probably best to have a dirt bike in your arsenal so you can escape through the nearest thicket.

But how are you supposed to know what type of two-wheeler to buy, and if you’re not a survivalist, will you know what to bring to survive in the woods? Fortunately, the prepared people at Motoped have taken out all of the guess work, and put together a bike that’ll up your chances of survival.

Aptly named the Motoped Survival Bike: Black Ops Edition, the army-green DIY bike kit comes equipped with a 70cc Honda CRF engine, DNM Burner-RCP2 shocks and sizable 26” tires. In addition to those components, which should see you past many forest obstacles, the Black Ops Edition (BOE) has a few accessories that should keep you safe, should danger arrive. Among its tools the BOE comes with a rear mounted crossbow, a harpoon, a hatchet, an axe, a selection of knives, a shovel and meters of rope. To keep you going on longer journeys, such as looking for desperately needed food, the BOE also has two additional 1-gallon gas tanks and plenty of places along its frame where carabineers holding other survival tools can be kept.

While I think it’s a safe bet that zombies aren’t about to flood into our neighborhoods in the near future, I could be wrong. In case I am, the BOE kit should be available for purchase soon. Given that Motoped’s paired standard kit costs $1,995 I’d imagine the survival minded BOE will come at quite a premium. But hey, can you really put a price on your existence – even if it is in a nuclear fallout-ridden, zombie-filled, diseased wasteland?

Image Courtesy of Motoped