Walmart CEO Says Retail Giant May Buy 3D Printer Company

Walmart CEO Says Retail Giant May Buy 3D Printer Company

3d printing, walmart, retail, acquisitionAt an event today during the re/Code Conference Walmart’s CEO Doug McMillon hinted that his company might be in the market to acquire a 3D printing company.

According to McMillon, “Three-D printing is interesting to me, [Walmart] can use 3D printing over time for replacement parts.”

When pressed on whether Walmart would be interested in buying 3D printing companies, McMillon stated that the idea might be the best solution “in some cases.” Though the company has been on the lookout for valuable acquisitions recently, owning a 3D printing company of their own could benefit a company already known for excellent logistics.

If Walmart were to consider an acquisition it would likely be looking to acquire a company that builds printers capable of producing end use auto, or home repair parts. Having such machines at their disposal could reduce the need for costly shipments and give consumers the ability to order their parts and pick them up moments after they’ve been finished.

Though Walmart has given no indication of when, or who they might be looking to acquire, the simple fact that the world’s largest retailer sees 3D printing in its future is good news indeed.