Visualize Your Models Before You Print

Augment, a new company based in France has developed a clever app that allows users the ability to get a firm grasp on how their 3D models would exist in “real space” before they turn to prototyping.

While proper dimensioning has always been the best method for knowing how large an object will be, it’s often times difficult to translate those dimensions into the “real world” without printing a model first.

Augment’s app uses a proprietary “marker” to locate an object in a given space and then links a user defined 3D file to that marker.  When the marker is viewed through their app the model appears and gives the user a concrete understanding of the size and proportions of their creation relative to its surroundings.

I’m excited to see where this technology is headed, and how it will interact with rapid prototyping. Will it fill a void where 3D printing is lacking (creating scale architectural models, etc.), or will its adoption be hindered by the “real” and tangible nature of 3D Printing?