VIDEO: What You Need to Know About SINUMERIK CNC Controls

SINUMERIK CNC Controls from Siemens span from entry level to modular machine concepts.

For engineers and manufacturers, getting different brands of machine controls to work together has always been difficult.

In the video above, we spoke with Kumar Venkataraman, business development for machine tools and motion controls at Siemens, about advancements in affordable CNC controls.

“Siemens has been in the field of CNC for a very long time and many believe that Siemens is only for high end products, but it’s not so,” Venkataraman said. “Siemens is meeting the entire range of machine controls for low end to high end machines.”

The SINUMERIK 808D was designed for entry level, low end machines with up to five-axes. The SINUMERIK 828D is Siemens’ compact option for standardized machines, and the SINUMERIK 840D sl is an open CNC for modular machine concepts.

“The biggest advantage with Siemens is, whether you go for the lowest or highest, how you operate the control is the same,” Venkataraman said.

“You can easily operate the 808D, the 828D or the 840D sl easily if you have experience with one of the other controls. Another advantage is digitalization. Siemens controls can communicate with CNC’s not only belonging to Siemens, but with any other CNC as well, thanks to MTConnect platforms.”

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James Anderton

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