Video: Using Grasshopper & KUKA Robots in Architectural Design

We called a robotics expert to chat about what he's learned making KUKA & Grasshopper videos.

They’re designed for the factory, but their high precision and six degrees of freedom means industrial robot arms have a lot of potential in other fields, including art and design projects. That’s why Karl Singline, a graduate architect and roboticist from Australia, is using a KUKA six-axis robot with specialized control software to find exciting applications for robotics in architectural design and construction (and occasionally just for fun).

I originally stumbled across Singline’s YouTube channel while researching offline programming and robot simulation for this article. For stumped users of KUKA robots, KUKA.prc, Grasshopper 3D, Rhino 3D or any combination of the above, his tutorials may help get you unstuck.

In this video, Singline explains how he got involved in working with robotics through his education in Tasmania, and what he hopes to achieve on YouTube and in his architecture career.

Check out this video to see our conversation.

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