VIDEO: Stop the Integration Insanity with Single Platform Solutions

OMRON unveils Sysmac platform and studio software to eliminate multi-vendor solutions.

Integration is a major challenge for industrial automation processes. Manufacturers typically have machinery and machine controls from multiple vendors working side-by-side, and this can cause difficulties with in-house experts who know one system, but not the other.

So how can we make it easier to integrate an entire system with one vendor easier?

OMRON Automation Americas is one solution provider offering a complete platform with the aim of eliminating integration and use complexities.

“The full technology of our Sysmac platform is a centralized controller that has built in EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP and we’re using both networks as open networks, so customers can add different devices,” explained Atef Massoud, automation engineering manager at OMRON Automation Americas. “What we’re offering with the Sysmac platform is for our customers to control the complete automation line. You can have discrete IO, analytic IO, temperature control, as well as control servos and AC drives.”

Users can also configure and set up vision systems using the platform’s EtherCAT and EtherNet, as well as integrate safety features.

Manufacturers can also perform development, troubleshooting and debugging using the Sysmac Studio software.

“With this software, I can commission the network to tune servos, save parameters and develop the HMI application to increase my safety,” Massoud explained, adding that the software can also be used to program connected robots.

Using the Sysmac Studio and Adept Software, manufacturers can perform routine maintenance and programming—as well as using a simpler interface for training—by simulating a production line without requiring any real hardware. 

“Our programming environment follows the IEC 61131 standard, the PLCopen FBD standard for motion and safety and other standards for EtherNet/IP and EtherCat to make it easier to integrate and have a robust system in the field,” Massoud said.

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James Anderton

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