VIDEO: Simplifying Advanced Technology at IMTS

Advanced manufacturing may not only be for degreed engineers as technology becomes more intuitive.

It’s the end of day two at IMTS 2016 and there are over 2,000 exhibitors showcased on the floor, scattered across multiple halls and buildings.

It’s difficult to take in everything, but our impression of day two can be summarized by not only high technology, like robots serving show-goers ice-cream, but also the democratization of technology.

There once was a time when it took a graduate engineer to develop the kinds of solutions and innovations we’re seeing booth-to-booth at IMTS. Now however, it seems we’re at a point where someone with the skills of a tool and die maker or good machinist, can now make production ready quality parts and can inspect them too.

We’ve seen great examples of metrology, automation and more than anything else, the simplification of manufacturing technologies and processes to minimize the training requirements of staff and maximize ROI for OEMs and SMEs alike.

What we and many show goers are seeing at IMTS 2016, is that the future of advanced manufacturing may not only be for the degreed engineer.

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Written by

James Anderton

Jim Anderton is the Director of Content for Mr. Anderton was formerly editor of Canadian Metalworking Magazine and has contributed to a wide range of print and on-line publications, including Design Engineering, Canadian Plastics, Service Station and Garage Management, Autovision, and the National Post. He also brings prior industry experience in quality and part design for a Tier One automotive supplier.