VIDEO: Robotiq User Conference Pits Engineers Against Engineers

Teams of designers and engineers worked together using cobots to complete a real-world challenge.

The Second annual Robotiq user conference recently wrapped up in Quebec City, Canada. The main event was truly unique: a conference center stuffed with Universal robots UR-5 arms, Robotiq grippers, and other automation equipment. The challenge: work with an international team of engineers you’ve just met, and automate an assembly task in just 24 hours. The purpose: showcase just how fast and easy it is to deploy collaborative robots in your factory.

The teams also got an advance look at Insights, Robotiq’s new IIoT app which lets you track your robot’s productivity, sensor and maintenance data in real time, on the go. For more on Insights, check out Robotiq’s website.

Robotiq's Insights app. (Image courtesy of Robotiq.)

Robotiq’s Insights app. (Image courtesy of Robotiq.)