VIDEO: How to Achieve High Productivity with Deep Hole Drilling

Can a drill bit achieve lengths of 12 D with no prehole?

In machining processes, a major stock removal technique is hole drilling, but historically it’s regarded as one of the slowest of machining processes.

Packing, difficulties with blind holes, deep holes, chip clearance, are all issues that have created difficulties in maximizing efficiency of drilling processes.

In the video above, we talk with Rod Zimmerman, VP of business development at ISCAR Metals, Inc., about how the ISCAR team is researching ways to bring new productivity to hole drilling.

“One of the big problems with the industry is high production hole making, quality of the hole and speed,” Zimmerman said. “We’ve developed a new product we’re calling the SUMOCHAM IQ.”

When manufacturers run into depths past 1 ½, 3, 5 times diameter, preholes become necessary to accommodate longer drills. The SUMOCHAM IQ’s self-centering type insert, was designed to tackle this issue.

“Even at lengths of 12 times deep, you can take this drill and drill from solid with no prehole, eliminating extra steps to drill high quality, straight holes with good holding tolerance without a predrill,” Zimmerman said. “The SUMOCHAM IQ tip also fits in existing bodies that customers are already using.”

Without a prehole, the SUMOCHAM IQ can achieve tolerances past +/- .002 safely, Zimmerman explains.

Major applications for the SUMOCHAM IQ include general machinery, heavy equipment, the heat exchanger industry, pneumatics and hydraulics for valve blocks and manifolds.

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James Anderton

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