VIDEO: How Manufacturers Can Inspect as Fast as They Produce with Automation

Industrial robotics meets quality inspection hardware in Hexagon 360° Flexible Measurement Cell.

Throughout the history of manufacturing, speed has been of vital importance. Ever since Henry Ford pioneered the modern moving assembly line, the goal has been to break down complex assembly line procedures, simplify them and make them faster.

Getting speed while retaining high quality has been a problem ever since: can you inspect as fast as you produce?

In the video above, we speak with Bridget Benedetti, director of marketing and communications at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, about how manufacturers can solve this problem today by connecting quality inspection with automation.

“Our new measurement systems are in line and near line, to make quality inspection even faster for manufacturers,” Benedetti explained. “There are more demands on them to produce much faster, more accurately and with tighter tolerances and so we’ve developed a 360° Flexible Measurement Cell to support this.”

Hexagon’s 360° Flexible Measurement Cell is designed for the four pillars of automation:

1.       Flexibility: for easy movement for in line, near line, or off line operation

2.       Footprint: for solo, duet or trio product options to fit on any factory floor

3.       Throughput: for process speed, simultaneously scanning multiple parts at once

4.       Performance: with automation and data-driven for smart manufacturing

Hexagon has also developed an Integrated Systems strategic business unit in North America to address market needs for automation.

“We’re working with our customers and partners to ensure they all get the throughput, precision, performance and flexibility they need,” Benedetti said.

For more information about Hexagon’s 360° Flexible Measurement Cell and Integrated Systems strategic business unit, watch the video above and visit


Written by

James Anderton

Jim Anderton is the Director of Content for Mr. Anderton was formerly editor of Canadian Metalworking Magazine and has contributed to a wide range of print and on-line publications, including Design Engineering, Canadian Plastics, Service Station and Garage Management, Autovision, and the National Post. He also brings prior industry experience in quality and part design for a Tier One automotive supplier.