VIDEO: Get into the Additive Manufacturing Mindset

New AM capabilities include plug-and-play materials, dissolvable supports and more.

For some manufacturers, additive
seems like a solution without a problem: sure, it can print one part in brittle
PLA, with a poor surface finish—if you give it a few hours. From materials, to
cost, to scalability, additive manufacturing may seem like it just can’t
compete with conventional techniques like injection

On the other hand, it’s undeniable that additive has certain
strengths that no other process can match. The time from CAD drawing to
finished part is unbeatable, which facilitates iterative design with speed and
low cost. Then there’s the complex internal geometries that would otherwise be
impossible. It’s clear that the technology has great potential, but how to
harness it?

to Kirk Rogers
, technology lead at the GE Center for Additive Technology in
Pittsburgh, to begin to understand how additive manufacturing could benefit
their operations, manufacturers need to get into the “additive manufacturing
mindset.” Jigs and fixtures are a great place to start.

In this video, Kirk Matsuo of Ultimaker discusses some of the latest
features in 3D printing that will surely get you thinking about how your
operation could take advantage of additive manufacturing.

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