Vibration-Specific Fatigue Analysis Comes to HyperWorks

CAEfatigue’s frequency-based fatigue software joins the Altair Partner Alliance.

HyperWorks simulation users will now be able to download CAEfatigue VIBRATIONS. This will bring frequency-based fatigue analysis and random response post-processing to Altair users. This application should be useful to automotive and aerospace analysts.

The CAEfatigue Vibration gives simulation analysts the ability to calculate response statistics like strain peaks, stress peaks, and root mean squares of stress and strain. These calculations also include plastic and elastic components, which will use material properties to assist in the estimation.

The new tool can also estimate the damage and life of components based on random vibrational loads. The vibrational load can also be customized to include determined loads mixed with random variations and static offsets.

“Altair is thrilled to be expanding its durability offering with the addition of CAEfatigue VIBRATION,” said Uwe Schramm, CTO at Altair. “It is a unique solution, bringing the ability to simultaneously perform frequency domain fatigue life calculations and random response analysis to our customers, a capability they have not had in the past.”

Dr. Neil Bishop, Director at CAEfatigue Limited said, “Frequency-based methods for response and fatigue life estimation offer the promise of very efficient, elegant and sophisticated design procedures … Light-weighting through optimization and resource pooling both become possible. We are extremely happy to be joining the Altair Partner Alliance (APA), and together we will enable this exciting new technology to reach more customers across all territories of the world.”

HyperWorks users will have access to CAEfatigue using the unit-based licensing system. This system allows users to customize their access to HyperWorks and APA applications on the fly – optimizing users’ investments in simulation software.

Source Altair.

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