Validate IoT Software with Full Range Testing

QualiTest has released an advanced IoT testing solution.

Many an engineer has spent sleepless nights over concerns that they missed a bug in their system. Internet of Things (IoT) systems have many different components interacting in varying and complex ways, and that can bring a whole new level of complexity to the test and validation process. How can we know the system is working correctly, and that we have tested all the edge and anomalous cases, as well as all the peculiar ways users will figure out to stress the system?

No one wants to issue a recall rush to market or an emergency software update, so extensive and thorough testing is essential to product success. Remembering the 2016 forced recall of 4.3 million cameras that contributed to a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is enough to keep any engineer awake at night. 

In an ideal world, we would all have the time and resources available to fully test software for months, but few of us are working in that world. The range of devices, incompatible standards, insufficiently defined standards, protocols and environments further complicate comprehensive testing. The cost of maintaining in-house test resources is huge, forcing many organizations to tolerate incomplete and representative testing. Testing is a critically challenging issue in this market and industry.

Engineers may find some to their IoT testing woes addressed by QualiTest’s recently announced an advanced IoT testing solution. This solution offers a comprehensive testing solution developed specifically for IoT systems.  QualiTest’s approach offers multiple benefits over in-house testing solutions:

  • A full range of security, performance, interoperability, connectivity, power, robustness, communication and mobile app test capabilities to more comprehensively test IoT systems
  • Simulated network experiments to more comprehensively test scenarios that cannot be readily or practically implemented in the field
  • Testing of real devices in advanced lab testing and real-world crowd testing to better evaluate user interaction and usage
  • Diverse testing on a range of devices to better evaluate portability and compatibility between different devices
  • A lower cost test solution that provides broader more complete testing at lower cost than in-house testing

Test engineers may recognize the QualiTest name as “the world’s largest pure play software testing and quality assurance specialists.” The company exploits deep knowledge of specific industries to develop broad, comprehensive and innovative testing methodologies for nearly any software application or service. Engineers seeking more comprehensive software system testing may well find a solution at QualiTest. It’s certainly worth exploring.