Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Takes Off with 3D Printed Parts from Windform Materials

FLYING-CAM and CRP Group collaborate to create an aerial film platform

FLYING-CAM began the close range aerial filming concept in the 1970s, leading the way with its Flying-Cam II.  Today, FLYING-CAM continues to innovate in the field with the state-of-the art Flying-Cam 3.0, also known as SARAH (Special Aerial Response Automatic Helicopter).



The Flying-Cam 3.0 SARAH is an electric VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) featuring 25 Kg TOW and 30 minutes flight time with a 5 Kg payload.

Incorporating efficient aerodynamics, innovative flight modes and modular interchangeable payloads, the SARAH has now reached production stage after a close collaboration with CRP Group.

The first Flying-Cam Airframe Structure was made with composite molded material.  FLYING-CAM moved to SLS technology in collaboration with CRP Group in order to accelerate the iterative process, reduce manufacturing time and facilitate production. It also allows for easier customization of the platform.


The following Flying-Cam parts were 3D printed from Windform materials:

·       Airframe structure

·       Air guide cooling system

·       Tail unit

·       Main battery connection

The design was to incorporate the best ratio between structural strength and weight and combine multiple functionalities from one unique component.

The FADA-CATEC (Spanish Aerospace Research Centre) has taken delivery of its first SARAH systems. They are used for air traffic management and general aviation research, technology & development projects in partnership with Boeing, EADS and AIRBUS MILITARY. After only two weeks of training, the team at FADA-CATEC was able to take control of the whole system.

Besides being a relatively light UAS with 25 Kg TOW (including payload), SARAH features a proprietary automatic pilot system from FLYING-CAM that appears pretty easy to use.


·      Emergency management

·      Surveillance

·      Defense

·      ENG & EFP broadcast TV and motion picture production

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