Using Curvature Continuous Edge Fillets in SOLIDWORKS

Users can create Curvature Continuous Edge Fillets to smooth transitions from the fillet to adjacent faces within models in SOLIDWORKS. We look at how to activate this feature in the tutorial video above.

In the tutorial video above, we apply a constant sized edge fillet of 40 mm using the default circular profile to a simple surface model. We can accomplish this by activating “Fillet” in the “Features” command manager, select “Constant Size Fillet” in the FeatureManager Design Tree and then select the edge.

Once we click OK, activate “Curvature Display” from the “Evaluate” command manager.

The curvature will abruptly change where the fillet and the adjoining faces meet.




We can select “Curvature Continuous” from the “Profile” drop-down menu in the FeatureManager Design Tree to fix this.

The curvature transition becomes much smoother once we accept the changes.




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About the Author

James Keller has over seven years of CAD and instructional design experience, with a primary focus on SOLIDWORKS 3D design software. A strong design background allows him to wear both the hats of Engineer and Designer at once.