How to Quickly Copy and Email SOLIDWORKS Files

SOLIDWORKS Pack and Go quickly allows you to copy SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies, drawings, design tables, design binder files, SOLIDWORKS simulation results, decals, appearances and scenes together into a folder or zip file. All file references remain intact.

In review, Pack and Go can be launched by right clicking your assembly from Windows Explorer. Just hover over “SOLIDWORKS” and select “Pack and Go” from the menu that appears. It can also be launched from within SOLIDWORKS under the “File” menu.

If you plan on emailing your copied files, it is recommended to use the “Save to Zip file” option, which you can find in the Pack and Go dialog box. When selecting this option, you also have the option to automatically create an email with the zip file attached by checking the “Email after packaging” box in the same window.

“Add prefix” and “Add suffix” check boxes allow to you give files unique names to distinguish which files are the new copies. Despite the change in file name, all reference pointers are maintained. Having followed the steps shown in the video above, once you click “Save”, your copied files and folders will appear exactly where you specified.

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