Creating Watermarks in SOLIDWORKS 2016

Users can now display annotation notes on top of and behind models in part and assembly files in SOLIDWORKS 2016 to create watermarks. All of the tools necessary to do this are found in the “Annotations Notes” area.

Users first need to activate the notes area to create a watermark. To do this, expand the annotations folder, right click on “Notes Area” and select “Activate.”

Users can now create a note by going under the “Insert” dropdown menu and under “Annotations,” then select “Note” and place it into the graphics area.

Text can now be entered and any necessary stylistic changes can be made in the “Formatting” window. When a user is ready to move on, they can click the green check to finalize the note.

The note can then be turned into a watermark by right clicking on the note in the graphics area and selecting “Watermark” from the menu that appears. A new section will appear in the note property manager called “Watermark,” where users can define the appearance of their watermark.

Users will notice a couple options under “Ordering,” where users can choose to show the watermark behind or on top of the geometry and change the transparency level. Users can click the green checkmark to accept any changes.

The finished watermark remains in one place regardless of how users orient the model or what view they are working in.

You can learn more about the new capabilities in SOLIDWORKS 2016 by signing up for a free membership.


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