Tungaloy Corporation Introduces New PVD grade for TungCut

New coating layer and substrate give AH7025 improved level of wear and chipping resistance.

Tungaloy Corporation recently introduced their new AH7025 PVD grade for TungCut, the multi-functional grooving tool with 2-cornered inserts.

TungCut provides stable and long tool life because of its unique rigid insert clamping system. The tool series covers a wide variety of grooving operations, from small-part machining to general machining.

AH7025 achieves high level of wear and chipping resistance thanks to the combination of a new coating layer and substrate with high AI content.

The new PVD grade is applicable for a variety of materials, including steel, stainless steel, and heat-resistant alloys. It is suitable for applications including grooving, turning and parting-off.

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