Trinseo Unveils a Lightweight ABS LGF for Semi-Structural Car Components

A newly launched long-glass-fiber-reinforced ABS provides dimensional stability and stiffness.

Manufacturing companies strive to reduce raw material costs and part weights. Trinseo, a material solutions provider and manufacturer of latex binders, plastics and synthetic rubber, launched a lightweight plastic that replaces metal in semi-structural components.  The new long-glass-fiber-reinforced acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS LGF) alloy provides thirty percent weight savings compared to aluminum or magnesium. Trinseo will present the ABS LGF alloy at VDI’s Plastics in Automotive Engineering (PIAE) conference, held April 3-4, 2019 in Mannheim, Germany.

The most common options for automakers seeking stable and reliable materials for structural components were magnesium, conventional steel or aluminum. The key advantage of the Trinseo’s ABS LGF is that it is a lightweight alternative for semi-structural components, as it enables high stiffness and dimensional stability. The other advantages of the ABS LGF composite are that it offers faster production cycle times, and low VOC and low odor properties.

Trinseo proved the ABS LGF’s performance by using it as an alternative to magnesium in the BMW 3-series’ instrument carrier. By collaborating with Tier One supplier, Dräxlmaier, Trinseo optimized the materials’ warpage, head impact, crash stiffness and the stability of the final component. Norwin van Riel, Trinseo’s Technology leader, said, “With this new ABS LGF alloy product, we have developed a thermoplastic composite that combines high stiffness over a broad temperature range with high dimensional stability, which facilitates lighter weight designs in comparison to aluminum and magnesium. Automotive manufacturers are increasingly looking to reduce vehicle weight without affecting stability. Our new lightweight plastic solution offers an easy processing and lightweight solution.”

Trinseo will unveil the material solution on Thursday, April 4, at the PIAE as a joint presentation with Dräxlmaier titled, ‘Thirty percent weight savings and process improvement with a new LGF ABS Alloy material replacing metal for an instrument carrier and enabling a high dimensionally stable part.’ The presentation will also highlight how new materials can improve the manufacturing process. To find out more about Trinseo’s other projects, read Trinseo Adds Composite Properties to Digimat FEA Material Database.