Transmission Technology Company To Create Job Opportunities in 2020

Twin Disc set to open a 50,000-square-feet facility in Texas next year in bid to keep up with increasing demand

The automotive transmission system market is a huge industry with a high growth potential. According to recent reports, it is projected to reach $40 billion in value by 2022. The increasing demand for transmission technology is good news for major industry players, as it presents an on-going opportunity for growth.

One of such major players is Twin Disc — a company focused on the provision of transmission technology for both land and marine-based applications. And in an attempt to keep up with the increasing demand for its products, the company recently announced its plans to establish a new operations facility on Lufkin, Texas by January 2020.

Twin Disc breaking ground on its new operations facility in Lufkin (Source: Twin Disc)

Twin Disc breaking ground on its new operations facility in Lufkin (Source: Twin Disc)

The Lufkin facility will be 50,000-square-feet large, with its primary goal being the production of clutches and power take offs (PTOs) for heavy duty industrial machinery. The facility will also double as a “global distribution centre” for the company’s new products coming in from Europe into the US.

As expected, the establishment of this facility will also create employment opportunities because such an expansion will require a sizeable level of personnel to succeed. So for a start, Twin Disc is looking to employ 20 to 30 people at its Lufkin facility during its first year of operation and it plans to hire even more as the business grows. Some of the positions the company will seek to fill include material control employees, assembly workers and logistics specialists.

Interested candidates are encouraged to be on the look out and apply as soon as the company is ready to move forward with its recruitment. Detailed information about this opportunity can be obtained from Twin Disc’s website.