Toyota’s FT-1 Concept

The future of Toyota looks bright after the debut of its sportiest, sexiest car in decades.

car, toyota, racer, ft-1, camry, corrolla, detroit, autoIn an effort to move away from their more mundane, commuter car image, Toyota introduced is FT-1 concept at this year’s Detroit Auto Show – by far their sportiest, sexiest car in decades.

In the works for two years, the still mysterious FT-1 was purposefully designed to command an audience on the showroom floor. Built at a 110% scale, the FT-1 sports ludicrously large 21-inch wheels, and a long, low profile. Built within an aerodynamic form, the new Toyota features a pair of large air intakes on its face that highlight its prominent down swept nose. Moving along the length of the FT-1’s body, its frame sweeps up and down culminating in an automatic spoiler that should aid the car’s handling.

Beyond its mechanical aspects the FT-1 is also topped-off with piercing LED headlights and a perfectly conceived, minimalist interior complete with a heads-up display.

With a number of interesting features littered about the car, one of the most intriguing is the clear panel center at the union of the hood and windshield. Beneath the grey-hewed pane a red accented engine displays itself and hints that the car might be a true performance machine.

While Toyota has no plans to bring the FT-1 to life, the simple fact that the Japanese giant has departed from its decade-long, uninspired design philosophy is good news for the automotive community, not to mention the engineers at Toyota! If the FT-1 is truly a symbol of a new design philosophy, Toyota’s upcoming offering might just be something to get excited about.

Image Courtesy of Toyota