Toshiba Robotics Adds Plug-and-Play Capability to its Cartesian Robots

Time and cost savings follow the elimination of calibration steps of its BA-III Robot Series.

Toshiba Machine BA-III 3-axis robot. (Image courtesy Toshiba Robotics)

Toshiba Machine BA-III 3-axis robot. (Image courtesy Toshiba Robotics)

Toshiba Robotics, in partnership with Toshiba Machine has begun making the use of robotics in manufacturing a bit easier – and cheaper – with the addition of plug and play capabilities to its BA-III Cartesian robots.

As all cables, junction boxes, brackets, motors and controllers are supplied with the company’s actuators, end users can forgo calibration between motor and the actuator or controller.

All models include AC servo motors and absolute encoders, speeding up the robot’s ability to find home position. Actuators use oil-free bearings in an effort to free up maintenance time.

The series of robots feature combinations ranging from single- to four-axis, and can be customized to meet a number of requirements.

Their flexibility has endeared them to manufacturers, including SMASHsolar, a California-based company that pre-assembles frameless photovoltaic (PV) modules. SMASHsolar is one of the first companies to install the BA-III on their production floor.

“Toshiba Machine’s BAIII met our needs for precision, reach, adaptability and more. With the BAIII system in place, we’re confident we can continue to increase production and meet our future growth plans with no assembly floor issues,” said Troy Tyler, CEO of SMASHsolar.

Toshiba Robotics CEO, Nigel Smith, noted the importance of advanced robotics in manufacturing.

“With this new Cartesian series we’re seeing more capabilities being put into the hands of our customers, reducing their need to spend engineering time up front,” said Smith.

“As one of the only companies offering a true plug-and-play solution, Toshiba Machine has given our customers not only an immediate cost savings, it also provides them with the added autonomy they’ve been looking for.”

Improved automation is essential to the growth of the manufacturing sector and ease of installation and use is a step in the right direction.

For more information, read more at the Toshiba Robotics and Toshiba Machine websites.