THIS WEEK IN QUALITY: Touch Probing, Roughness Measurement and More

New products from Heidenhain, Mahr Federal, Marposs and Methods Machine Tools.

Heidenhain Touch Probe Replacement

The TS 642 touch probe replacement. (Image courtesy of Heidenhain.)

The TS 642 touch probe replacement. (Image courtesy of Heidenhain.)

Just one wrong swivel and it’s done:  the touch probe collides badly with the workpiece or the chuck. To ensure that such a collision no longer leads to a prolonged machine standstill, Heidenhain now offers the TS 642, a universal replacement for the touch probes of the company’s TS 6xx series.

If the collision happens with one of Heidenhain’s known touch probes—TS 640, TS 641, TS 649 or TS 632—the TS 642 is available as a universal replacement. This universal probe reduces the customers’ stocking of spare parts because it can replace all the touch probes of the TS 6xx series. So only one model has to be in stock.

Furthermore, the original transceiver can remain in the machine and all the original cables can also be used. Even the styluses are compatible. After an exchange, the existing taper shank can continue to be used.

The properties of the TS 642 correspond essentially to those of the known touch probes but with the following extras:

  • Sensor technology with a service life of at least 5 million probes
  • Integrated workpiece cleaning jets functioning with air or coolant
  • Longer battery life and flexible usage of various batteries
  • Large infrared range up to 7 m with wide transmission angle

For more information, visit the Heidenhain website.

Mahr Federal Roughness Measuring Unit

The MarSurf PS10 roughness measuring unit. (Image courtesy of Mahr Federal.)

The MarSurf PS10 roughness measuring unit. (Image courtesy of Mahr Federal.)

Mahr will introduce the new MarSurf PS 10 Roughness Measuring Unit at IMTS 2016. The MarSurf PS 10 is a practical roughness measuring unit for mobile use. Using a smartphone-like 4.3″ TFT touch screen display, the unit is designed to be fast, intuitive and user-friendly.

The new generation MarSurf PS 10 design measures 31 roughness parameters, offers a list of “favorite” functions in the display and provides laboratory-level performance on the shop floor.

“The portable MarSurf PS 10 offers a perfect entry into the world of surface measurement,” said George Schuetz, Director Precision Gages for Mahr Federal. “Weighing in at just a pound, the unit’s display adjusts to allow users to measure in all positions – horizontally, vertically or upside down. In addition, the unit can be mounted on a measuring stand to provide a stationary roughness measuring instrument for small workshops.”

The measuring unit is intended for quick roughness testing in and on a machine while in production. It is suitable for use in quality assurance of milled and turned parts, ground and honed workpieces, on large machines, large workpieces or for use with incoming inspection. Auto cutoff selection is designed to ensure proper measurement results even by the non-metrologist.

The range of measuring applications is expanded by the ability to remove the drive unit from the MarSurf PS 10 and operate it separately from the display, providing the user with more flexibility. The drive also incorporates built-in “Vees” to support small diameter parts during the measurement cycle. Optional probes for different measuring tasks allow for the measurement of gears and deep measuring points such as in grooves or bores. The battery pack recharges in 1.5 hours and enables over 1,200 measurements per charge.

Measuring data from the MarSurf PS 10 can be saved in TXT, X3P, CSV, or PDF formats as finished measuring records with no additional software. A Mahr calibration certificate is included in the scope of delivery, and error-free measurements are made possible by the integrated and removable calibration standard.

For more information, visit the Mahr Federal website.

Marposs Optical Measuring Solution

The Optoquick M60 optical measuring solution. (Image courtesy of Marposs.)

The Optoquick M60 optical measuring solution. (Image courtesy of Marposs.)

Marposs will introduce its latest addition to the industrial gauging solutions portfolio at IMTS-2016. Optoquick is a high-precision gauging solution designed for the shop floor environment and integrating Marposs multi-sensing technologies. Optoquick is intended to help line operators with fast and precise quality control of shafts directly beside the manufacturing machines.

In addition to any typical optical measurements, as diameters, radii or run-outs, the Optoquick can inspect key-slots and concave profiles not available through shadow casting analysis.

Optoquick features broad measuring range, part capacity up to 1200 mm in length, motorized tailstock for part change and manual as well as automatic loading options. Multiple gauging programs can be loaded into a single machine, enabling the operator to measure different parts in sequence by scanning a barcode to automatically activate the right measuring setup. 

Inside the Optoquick. (Image courtesy of Marposs.)

Inside the Optoquick. (Image courtesy of Marposs.)

“In design, we targeted the most demanding requirements for precision gauging controls in the shop floor” says Roland Lang, sales and marketing manager of the flexible gauging systems at headquarters. “We have worked hard on the core gauging technologies with the goal to overcome traditional trade-offs and to develop a superior solution for the industry. Activities like loading and control of a new part or validating a gauging result are fast as convenient for operators and do not require any specialized expertise.”

For more information, visit the Marposs website.

Methods Machine Tools Digital Optical Comparator

The 700 Series VisionGauge digital comparator. (Image courtesy of Methods Machine Tools.)

The 700 Series VisionGauge digital comparator. (Image courtesy of Methods Machine Tools.)

Methods Machine Tools, Inc. will showcase the new extended-travel 700 Series VisionGauge Digital Comparator, manufactured by VISIONx INC at IMTS 2016.

The new extended travel machine features a 24” x 24” x24” envelope and tilt and rotary axes based in a trunnion configuration, which can accommodate parts weighing up to 100 lbs. The system configuration is suitable for larger and heavier parts such as those found in the Industrial Gas Turbine industry.

The 700 Series VisionGauge has 5 axes of motion (X, Y, Z Rotary and Tilt) to enable a user to accurately view parts from all sides and is fully automated, eliminating operator-to-operator variation and potential error.

The 700 series can be used for the inspection of EDM and laser-drilled cooling holes, automatically verifying hole presence as well as measuring hole location and geometry and has the ability to measure complex parts made via additive manufacturing.  It supports both round and shaped holes and works equally well on both coated and uncoated parts.

An ultra-bright, computer-controlled multi-angle, multi-quadrant and all-LED illumination via a programmable, computer-controlled system is standard on all machines. The system has integrated 5-axis corrections and dynamic fixture correction, as well as full 3D mapping.

Introduced in 2014, the original 700 Series VisionGauge has a 12”x12”x12” envelope and a tilt and rotary stage assembly that is mounted in a cantilever configuration. This is suitable for inspecting smaller, lightweight parts such as blades, vanes and heat shields in the aerospace industry.

“We’re pleased that the 700 Series VisionGauge now offers an extended-travel version that can inspect large, heavy parts. This fills a definite need in the inspection and measurement world,” said Steve Bond, national sales manager, Methods Machine Tools, Inc.

The VisionGauge has an optical system designed for an extended depth of field, providing clarity and focus regardless of a part’s geometry, in addition to a very long working distance. The system has adaptive feature-detection software tools that locate holes and slots on different surfaces with diverse reflectivity and at various viewing angles. This is especially useful when dealing with burrs and splatter.

VisionGauge Digital Optical Comparators are a fully-digital drop-in replacement for traditional optical comparators. The comparators work directly with the part’s CAD data and do not require any overlays, Mylars or templates. Systems are Windows-based and delivered network-ready in a shop-floor, “rolling cart” configuration.

The comparators can be set up to automatically collect complete electronic documentation and device history for SPC and quality compliance purposes. VisionGauge Digital Optical Comparators allow users to compare a part to its CAD data automatically in real time. VisionGauge Digital Optical Comparators are available in vertical and horizontal configurations and are exclusively distributed throughout North America by Methods Machine Tools, Inc.

For more information, visit the Methods Machine Tools website.

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