THIS WEEK IN QUALITY: Surface Metrology, Scanning Probes, Ultrasound and More

New and updated products from FocalSpec, Hexagon, Imperium and IQS.

FocalSpec Confocal Imaging Sensors

3D Line Confocal Imaging (LCI) Sensors. (Image courtesy of FocalSpec.)

3D line confocal imaging (LCI) sensors. (Image courtesy of FocalSpec.)

FocalSpec, Inc., a supplier of optical 3D surface measurement solutions with sub-micron resolution, recently announced the formal North American launch of its new 3D line confocal imaging (LCI) sensors.

The new sensors can be integrated into both in-production and standalone 3D scanning systems. They enable a non-contact measurement of surface profile, 3D dimensions, surface roughness, flatness, layer thickness, air gaps etc. on hard-to-measure parts, components and assemblies.

LCI is a natively three-dimensional technology that simultaneously acquires 2048 3D surface points and offers resolution of up to 100 nanometers (0.004 mil) at the maximum rate of 2500 scans per seconds, depending on the sensor model and settings. The maximum length of the measurement profile line is 16.4 mm (0.63″).

“As far as we know, Line Confocal Imaging is the only 3D scanning technology that can quickly, reliably and precisely measure highly reflective, mirror-like, transparent, porous and high-contrast surfaces and materials,” said Juha Saily, sales manager for FocalSpec, Inc. “Potential applications for our sensors include semiconductors, printed electronics, PCBs, molded parts, adhesives, sheets, films, tubing; and assemblies containing glass, metal or glossy polymer surfaces.”

For more information, visit the FocalSpec website.

Hexagon Updates HP-S-X1 Scanning Probes

The HP-S-XI scanning probe. (Image courtesy of Hexagon.)

The HP-S-XI scanning probe. (Image courtesy of Hexagon.)

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has released its new HP-S-X1 series of compact probes for 3D coordinate measuring machine (CMM) tactile scanning. The HP-S-X1 product line features a new bearing system for better joint repeatability and accepts longer horizontal styli for improved flexibility.

Operators do not need to change modules to tackle different measurement tasks, as the probes support stylus lengths of up to 225 mm. These durable probes can be used with most of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s wide range of scan-capable stationary CMMs.

HP-S-X1 probes feature small external dimensions and longer stylus lengths to measure surface features of complex parts, as well as bores or holes deep inside a workpiece, saving time during the inspection process. Magnetic interfaces allow for automated stylus changes on the CMM. The probe range supports all standard inspection modes including dynamic single-point contact measurement, self-centering measurement and continuous high-speed scanning for quick and precise data acquisition of various surface contours.

The HP-S-X1 range of tactile scanning probes includes the HP-S-X1C centrally-mounted version for high-stability in measurement. The HP-S-X1S and HP-S-X1H models offer the option to use an indexing probe head for better part accessibility. In the latest versions,the HP-S-X1C and HP-S-X1H models accept horizontal styli of up to 100 mm, while the HP-S-X1S can now take horizontal styli of up to 20 mm without changing modules. A standard interface allows all the probes to be used on Hexagon probe heads.

The latest versions of the HP-S-X1 compact scanning probe range are now available to order worldwide.

For more information, visit the Hexagon website.

Imperium Ultrasound Camera

Rhe AcoustoCam i700 ultrasound camera. (Image courtesy of Imperium.)

Rhe AcoustoCam i700 ultrasound camera. (Image courtesy of Imperium.)

Imperium, Inc. has announced the availability of its latest ultrasound camera and rugged controller system, the AcoustoCam i700. The AcoustoCam i700 is designed for inspections on straight beam applications such as composites and pipeline corrosion mapping, as well as angled beam inspections for weld and TOFD.

The AcoustoCam i700 offers higher resolution C-scan images than automated ultrasonic testing (AUT) or phased array systems. It creates images in flat or curved materials up to 6″ thick and is fully compliant with most industry UT codes. The camera produces sub-millimeter images of an entire field rather than a single pinpoint–for better detection of pitting, cracking and other defects while reducing false positives. Large area maps are created in real time and reviewed off-line via analysis reporting tools.

“The AcoustoCam i700 allows for inspections to continue without shutting down pipelines or pressure vessels – a huge win for oil and gas companies that are otherwise forced to defer production and associated revenue to verify historically unreliable pinpoint or AUT readings,” said Danny Keck, an NDT industry consultant. “Pictures tell the real story and allow companies to make more informed decisions to address corrosion or other potential flaws.”

Inspectors are certified for usage of the i700 in three days–reducing costs associated with training and hiring, as well speeding field use of the camera.

The AcoustoCam i700 features Imperium’s new, ruggedized controller that is IP-66 rated, has a 12-inch LED display, two swappable batteries, and a built-in handle, bumpers and kickstand. In addition, the unit features integrated tools that support real-time video collaboration.

For more information, visit the Imperium website.

IQS Quality Management Software

The IQS enterprise quality management software built on Trubox. (Image courtesy of IQS.).

The IQS enterprise quality management software built on Trubox. (Image courtesy of IQS.).

IQS Inc., an enterprise quality management software (EQMS) vendor, recently launched the latest version of the company’s software application built on its new proprietary platform Trubox. IQS has released the fourth generation of its flagship EQMS to manufacturing enterprises worldwide.

IQS developed its browser-agnostic application with several core features in mind. These include: rapid user on-boarding due to mobility and personalization of workspaces, built-in analytics with on-the-fly charts for data visibility, and extendible architecture engine for powerful IT expansion and business system integration.

IQS anticipates that existing and new customers will exploit the power of IQS on Trubox beyond enterprise quality for key processes in adjacent disciplines like GRC, EHS, or business continuity management (BCM). Connecting and integrating IQS with other enterprise data sources is made possible with a new open plugin and integration toolset.

IQS built on the Trubox platform delivers features including:

  • Mobility enabled
  • Visual embedded analytics
  • User-definable workspaces
  • Configurable, rule-driven forms
  • Field-level security and validation
  • Real-time list grid updates
  • One-click enterprise search
  • Social interactivity and notifications

The software is designed to enable manufacturers to streamline:

  • Audit management
  • Nonconformances
  • Corrective and preventive actions
  • Engineering change notice management
  • Customer complaint tracking
  • Statistical process control
  • Supplier quality performance
  • Failure modes and effects analysis
  • Document management
  • First-article inspections
  • Production part approval processes
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Gauge calibration
  • Training management and competence tracking

IQS developed its Trubox platform in JAVA with Web Services architecture and HTML5/CSS. Trubox also features a visual integration utility as well as supporting MSSQL, MySQL and Oracle database platforms. Trubox also supports hot deployments for updates.

For more information, visit the IQS website.

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