THIS WEEK IN PRODUCTION TECH: Wire Rope Hoists, CBN Grades and More

New products from Columbus McKinnon, Esco Tool, Riverside Global, Sumitomo and Thomson Industries.

Ultra-Low Headroom Wire Rope Hoist from Columbus McKinnon

Expanding its comprehensive line of high-quality wire rope hoists, Columbus McKinnon Corporation, a designer, manufacturer and marketer of material handling products, systems and services, introduces the Yale LodeKing LT ultra-low headroom top-running wire rope hoist.

The LodeKing LT is available in capacities ranging from 10 to 25 tons. 

Manufactured in Wadesboro, North Carolina, the LodeKing LT is designed for heavy-duty CMAA Class D service. Each hoist comes equipped with a Magnetek closed-loop variable frequency drive that allows for accurate and precise load control while reducing brake wear.

Packed with industry-leading safety and performance features, the Magnetek IMPLUSE VG+ Series 4 drive includes multiple control and power supply options, an external hoist brake resistor, motor thermal overload protection, keypad with digital display and a recorded fault history that aids in troubleshooting and maintenance. 

The LodeKing LT also features plastic-infused wire rope specifically developed for maximum performance on overhead cranes. This unique wire rope has a plastic core that prevents metal-to-metal contact between strands, helping to reduce abrasion and wear within the wire rope, while increasing the rope strength by 15 to 20 percent. 

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Boiler Tube Joint Alignment Tool from Esco Tool

A new pipe alignment clamp that attaches rapidly to align water wall boiler tubes and single pipes to speed and secure the welding process is being introduced by Esco Tool of Holliston, Massachusetts.

The Esco HOG TIE Boiler Tube Weld Alignment Clamp is a precise two-piece device that rapidly and accurately aligns boiler tube ends to reduce the risk of failure from misalignment when welding water wall boiler tubes.  Simple to use, one side has two through-holes and the other has threaded inserts which accept two bolts that draw them together; exposing the tube ends for tack welding before removal to finish the entire tube joint weld.

Assuring fast and accurate alignment, the Esco HOG TIE Boiler Tube Weld Alignment Clamp is offered in seven sizes for tube from 1.75” to 3.25” O.D.  Made of precision machined high strength steel, it can be supplied alone or as a kit with an impact wrench and socket, four 0.5” bolts, two spare through-hole inserts, two spare threaded inserts, and a metal carrying case.

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+Foam Liquid Blowing Agent from Riverside Global

A new series of liquid blowing agents for use with a wide range of resins provides improved dispersion and more controlled foaming action than pellet master batches while being used at lower addition levels, it was announced today by Riverdale Global. The company will introduce the additives at K 2016 (Hall 10, Stand A 26).

The chemical blowing agent (CBA) formulations available in the new +Foam series of liquid additives include the standard exothermic azodicarbonamide CBA, an endothermic CBA, and a combination of the two. All are used at 0.5 to 1.5 percent letdown ratios, which are lower than levels typically required for pellet masterbatch. Among the resins with which they can be used are polyolefins, polystyrene, ABS, PPO, and other polymers.

“Because +Foam liquid blowing agents avoid the heat history required for manufacturing pellet master batches and are more gently mixed into the base resin, pre-decomposition of the CBA is less of a concern,” said Charles B. Irish, vice president of product development. “For users of +Foam products based on an endothermic CBA, there is the added benefit of shorter cycle times, since the CBA adds less heat to the process.”

Because liquid additives can be metered into the process with precision and disperse more uniformly in the melt than master batch, processors are better able to achieve the target level of density reduction, noted Irish. “Use of Riverdale Global’s gravimetric metering system provides an additional level of precision, allowing for controlled conditions over the entire production run.”

By reducing the density of a molded or extruded product, blowing agents make possible savings on raw material, contribute to light-weighting in transportation applications, and help processors to meet sustainability goals. Added at lower levels, blowing agents can also be used to prevent sink marks and warpage.

The new additives are available in pails or drums, in custom blends with liquid colors, or as one of the GlobalPlus range of liquid additives. In the GlobalPlus system, each additive is supplied in a drum with a built-in pump that stay sealed throughout shipping, handling, and processing.

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BNC2000 Series CBN Grades to Product Lineup from Sumitomo

Sumitomo’s new BNC2000 Series CBN Grades are designed for exceptional accuracy and productivity.

The BNC2010 Grade is designed for high precision hard turning. A newly developed CBN substrate coated with a TiCN layer achieves greater surface finish, while reducing wear.

The high efficiency BNC2020 Grade is designed for general hardened steel machining. Featuring a newly developed tough CBN substrate coated with a highly wear-resistant TiAlN layer it achieves more stable machining and a longer tool life.

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New Miniature Metric Ball Nut Styles from Thomson Industries

Thomson Industries, Inc., a manufacturer of mechanical motion control solutions, has built upon its selection of miniature metric precision ball screws to include three common interface styles: flanged, threaded and rounded.

This offering equips customers with more options when designing small-space applications. These metric ball screws deliver a host of performance, supply chain and pricing benefits for users seeking smooth, quiet operation and greater load capacities and lifecycles.

Joining the family’s threaded style (TSI) mounting interface are flanged (FSI) and rounded (RSI) styles, which benefit from a unique multi-liner ball return system that provides smooth operation and increased load capacity. Ideal for laboratory, medical and mechatronics components, the miniature metric ball screws are available in a wide range of standardized diameters (Ø6 mm – Ø14 mm) to create a truly flexible solution.

Flexible ball nut mounting configurations and rapid prototyping are options for these ball screws, and competitive pricing is available with special discounts available for qualifying OEM prototype orders.

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