This Week in Production Tech: Piezoelectric Actuators, Cutting Tools and More

New products from EMUGE FRANKEN, Noliac, Sandvik Coromant, Tungaloy Corporation and Walter.

CNC Machine Tool-Holder from EMUGE FRANKEN

The Speedsynchro Modular collet holder incorporates integrated transmission gearing, which produces a 4.41x increase of machine spindle RPM at the tool.

The higher cutting speeds reduce the cycle time by up to 50 percent. At the same time, the machine spindle can be operated in a lower speed range, saving up to 91 percent energy.

In addition, the Speedsynchro Modular is equipped with the EMUGE minimum length compensation Softsynchro, which reduces the axial forces on the workpiece. This results in a higher tool life and an improved thread quality.

The Speedsynchro Modular is available in two versions: for use with coolant lubricant or for use with minimum quantity lubrication (MQL). Quick adaptation of tool shanks to male or female center or the change between 1- and 2-channel MQL-system is achieved by simple exchange of the transfer elements and length adjustment screws.

For large series manufacturers, the Speedsynchro Modular offers a quick path to higher efficiency. Depending on the application, amortization is possible from about 250.000 threads.

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Noliac Piezoelectric Actuator

Noliac has recently launched their piezoelectric actuator stacks, which operate in temperatures up to 200 C. Combined with a high frequency operation, this makes them ideal for the aerospace and oil & gas sectors.

The standard Noliac actuator stacks have a maximum operating temperature of 150 C. The choice of materials is crucial to reaching a higher operating temperature.

“To achieve the high maximum operating temperature of 200 C, we are using piezo actuators made of our hard doped piezoceramic material NCE46,” explained Charles Mangeot, senior R&D engineer at Noliac.

Besides the features of high operating temperature and high frequency, the high-temperature stacks offer more stable performances over a wide temperature range.

Available high-temperature stacks include the NAC6024-Hxx and the NAC6025-Hxx. Other sizes are available on request along with high temperature ring stacks and different operating voltages.

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CoroMill 390 from Sandvik Coromant

Available immediately, Sandvik Coromant has released a new end mill for small diameters.

The CoroMill 390 with size 07 inserts is a versatile cutter that is ideal for shoulder applications, including:

  • Milling
  • Deep shoulder milling
  • Edging
  • Linear and helical ramping
  • Plunge milling
  • Slot milling and face milling

Suitable for all machine types, the CoroMill 390 is ideal for mixed production and can be used with different materials and applications. The end mill is suitable for general engineering shops as well as automotive and oil and gas component manufacturers.

Grades for the CoroMill 390 are available for all materials. The new insert grade GC1130, produced with Zertivo technology, gives this cutter an extra dimension of security when milling steel. 

A unique feature of this tool is its torque key, which is specifically designed for size 07 inserts. This key provides consistent clamping every time. It has built-in spring functionality that allows operators to consistently mount inserts with the correct clamping force, improving tool life.

Coolant-through technology is standard on the CoroMill 390 for additional heat and chip control.

“The CoroMill 390 with size 07 inserts is beneficial for anyone who machines small features in any size component including medical, automotive and oil and gas parts,” said Troy Stashi, milling product specialist for Sandvik Coromant.

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AH7025 PVD grade from Tungaloy Corporation

Tungaloy Corporation recently introduced their new AH7025 PVD grade for TungCut, the multi-functional grooving tool with 2-cornered inserts.

TungCut provides stable and long tool life because of its unique rigid insert clamping system. The tool series covers a wide variety of grooving operations, from small-part machining to general machining.

AH7025 achieves high level of wear and chipping resistance thanks to the combination of a new coating layer and substrate with high AI content.

The new PVD grade is applicable for a variety of materials, including steel, stainless steel, and heat-resistant alloys. It is suitable for applications including grooving, turning and parting-off.

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New Tiger-tec Indexable Insert from Walter

The indexable inserts in the new Tiger·tec Silver WSM45X grade boast high temperature resistance, wear resistance, toughness and hardness.

The indexable inserts in the new Tiger·tec Silver WSM45X grade boast high temperature resistance, wear resistance, toughness and hardness.

High temperature resistance combined with high wear resistance, toughness and hardness: These are the key features of Walter’s new inserts in the Tiger·tec Silver WSM45X grade, which can boost performance by up to 67 percent compared to similar tooling inserts.

The special Tiger·tec Silver surface treatment and the high-performance substrate ensure improved process reliability when working with materials that have difficult cutting properties, such as titanium alloys.

The unique Al2O3 coating is designed specifically for materials that are difficult to cut. The surfaces are also extremely flat, which help to significantly reduce built up edge.

The two-tone Tiger·tec Silver coating allows users to identify wear quickly, ensuring that all cutting edges are used efficiently.

The indexable inserts in the Tiger·tec Silver WSM45X grade are available for all popular Xtra·tec and new M4000 face and shoulder mills, as well as the Walter F2334 copy milling cutter.

WSM45X is also particularly well-suited to machining stainless steels (ISO M) and difficult-to cut materials (ISO S).

Typical components include exhaust-gas turbo chargers, turbine blades and titanium frames for use in the aerospace industry.

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