This Week in Production Tech: Micro Engraving Tools, Quick-Change Tooling and More

The newest products from BIG KAISER, J.W. Winco, Mate, Nexen and SECO Tools.

Sphinx Line, Micro Engraving Tools from BIG KAISER

BIG KAISER has recently introduced a series of new micro engraving cutters developed and built by their partner Sphinx (Derendingen, Switzerland). Building on Sphinx’s micro tooling expertise, including its line of micro drills, the solid carbide engraving cutters’ sharp, positive cutting geometry promotes burr-free surface finishes and smooth transitions.

The engravers come standard with a Ø3mm shank and are available in a variety of angles (30°/40°/50°/60°/90°) and in two possible point geometries—flat or radius tipped. The radius cutters range from .0016″-.0039″ (.04mm-.10mm), and the flats range from .0008”-.0059” (.02mm-.15mm).

The micro engravers are appropriate for work in most materials ranging from alloyed and unalloyed steels to thermosetting plastics and even titanium. They are an excellent addition to BIG KAISER’s existing micro cutting tool lineup of pilot/spotting, high performance, drill reamers, deep-hole and end mills from Sphinx.

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Bulls-Eye Levels with Mounting Flange from J.W. Winco, Inc.

J.W. Winco, Inc., a supplier of standard industrial machine components, announced it now offers GN 2277 Bulls-Eye Levels with Mounting Flange, in metric sizes.

These RoHS-compliant bull’s-eye levels are used to check the horizontal position of jigs, machines, devices, appliances, and instruments. The spirit levels are aligned in relation to the reference surface so that the bubble is located inside the marking ring when the horizontal position of the contact surface is achieved.

Housing is anodized aluminum with a natural color finish or black finish. Spirit level element has a glass plastic body, with a colorless-transparent filling. Casting compound is mineral-based. Two types are offered: with mounting flange for bolting to surface, or with mounting flange with collar for inserting into bore holes. Levels have a sensitivity of 30 angle minutes, with bubble able to move by 2 mm.

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Ultra QCT Quick Change Tooling from Mate

Mate has recently unveiled its new Ultra QCT a quick change, tool-less thick turret punching system.

Ultra QCT is simple and intuitive to setup and fully compatible with Mate’s Ultra family of guides and standard canisters.

Designed for easier, faster setups, Ultra QCT features a simple, intuitive tool-less punch retention mechanism. Flip the latch to remove and snap the new insert into place. The punch is keyed at the perimeter of the tool – not the center – providing superior angularity control. The shoulder of the punch remains securely guided by the guide when punching and only one punch driver is needed for rounds or shapes.

Ultra QCT was thoroughly tested in customer locations using a wide variety of punching situations, materials and thicknesses to ensure performance and reliability.

Ultra QCT is very durable, as the punch insert is made from MPM4 tool steel. Independent studies have shown M4PM to last as much as 56 percent longer than conventional high speed tool steels. The punch driver is also coated with SuperMax, Mate’s next generation coating, to minimize wear and preserve fits.

The fully compatible Ultra QCT design means that it integrates into all existing Mate UltraTEC, Ultra XT and Ultra Fully Guided guides and standard canisters. This interchangeability feature maximizes efficient tool usage and helps control and reduce tool inventory.

Mate’s Ultra QCT tooling is easy to maintain. Ultra QCT’s durable design cleans quickly and easily with compressed air. Ultra QCT is a “greener” system, too: not only do the M4PM inserts last longer but they use less material to make than conventional punches.

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Compact Precision Ring Drive System from Nexen

Nexen Group, Inc. has recently introduced their new Compact Ring Drive (CRD) system with precision grade bearing and drive mechanism in a sealed housing.

Freely programmable, the three-drive design configurations allow the CRD to be optimized for high speed, high torque or both, depending on the application.

With a 250 or 350 mm dial plate bolt circle diameter and a large open center, users can optimize performance in a small space. The combination of Nexen’s roller pinion technology with integrated bearing and motor/gearhead deliver a rigid, smooth system with zero backlash options from the motor through the driven load.

The CRD is ideal for applications including cutting systems, gantry systems, medical products, robotics, aerospace, machine tool, semiconductor and material handling.

Benefits of Nexen’s Compact Precision Ring Drive System, include:
• Indexing precision up to ± 30 ArcSec and repeatability up to ± 5.1 ArcSec
• Zero backlash options
• High output load capacity – up to 108kN
• Handles speeds up to 225 RPM
• Smooth in motion

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T4-12 Square Shoulder and Helical Milling Cutters from SECO Tools

Seco Tools will be showcasing its new Square T4-12 milling cutter and other Engineered Solutions at IMTS 2016.

With larger insert sizes, Seco’s T4-12 line of square shoulder and helical milling cutters allows parts manufacturers to achieve increased depths of cut and higher metal removal rates when roughing and semi-finishing steel, cast iron and other workpiece materials.

The bigger inserts all come with four curved cutting edges that lower tooling cost per part and ensure smooth machining operations. They tangentially mount in the cutter bodies for increased performance stability and easier access to their mounting screws. Plus, this mounting design directs cutting forces to the thickest part of the inserts, which contributes to their higher metal removal capability.

Cutter diameters for the larger T4-12 square shoulder inserts range from 1″ to 5″ (25 mm to 125 mm), with corner radii up to 0.125″ (3.1 mm). Diameters for the larger T4-12 helical inserts range from 2″ to 4″ (50 mm to 100 mm), with corner radii up to 0.125″ (3.1 mm). The inserts also come in a wide selection of grades and geometries as well as in normal and close pitch versions.

Seco Tools will spotlight its Engineered Solutions along with many other new tooling innovations at IMTS 2016 in booth W-1564.

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