THIS WEEK IN MACHINERY: Grinding, Plasma, Lasers & More

New products from Fives, MultiCam, TRUMPF and Tsugami/Rem Sales.

Fives Group Grinder

(Image courtesy of Fives Group.)

(Image courtesy of Fives Group.)

The Landis-Bryant UL2 is an internal high speed production grinder, suitable for processing bores, faces and contours of bearing rings, valve lifters, gears, universal joint cups and CVJ components with an external diameter of up to 177 mm (7 in).

The Landis-Bryant UL2 has been designed specifically for high-speed, high-precision grinding of internal diameters. The machine’s torque tube bed design combined with a “flow-thru” system that circulates oil and coolant through the base provides rigidity and outstanding thermal stability to the Landis-Bryant UL2 grinding system.

Independent slides in X and Z, each mounted directly to the machine bed, make for a low center of gravity. The machine’s round-bar hydrostatic slide ways in each axis provide a stiff system with minimal friction. Fives uses high-resolution servo motors that are directly coupled to precision ball screws for reliable positioning throughout the production cycle.

Whether your application calls for a diaphragm or collet chuck, a shoe centerless magnetic chuck setup, or a disc drive roll centerless arrangement, the Landis-Bryant UL2 allows for various machine configurations. Furthermore this machine offers automatic workpiece loading solutions for many applications as well as in- and post-process gauging in a compact setup. Other features of the Landis-Bryant UL2 grinder include an acoustic emission monitoring system (AEMS), automatic taper adjustment, FANUC i Series as well as various dressing options.

Fives’ ID grinding systems are equipped with Landis-Bryant spindles that contain precision bearings and permit operation at high speeds. They are powered by in-house-designed induction motors.

 “We were able to secure a multi machine order from a leading manufacturer of high precision engine components following the acquisition in 2015,” said Ron Wood, executive director of business development at Fives Landis Corp. “All machines have successfully completed the run-off at our Hagerstown (MD) facility and are currently being commissioned at the customer’s production plant.”

For more information, visit the Fives Group grinding website.

MultiCam CNC Plasma Cutting

(Image courtesy of MultiCam.)

(Image courtesy of MultiCam.)

MultiCam recently announced a new family brand entitled, iPlasmaCNC. This family brand will manufacture mechanized CNC Plasma cutting solutions.

Built and designed in Texas, iPlasmaCNC by MultiCam manufactures CNC plasma cutting machines designed for affordability, dependability and ease-of-use.

“The new iPlasmaCNC plasma cutting system from MultiCam will take the market by storm,” claimed Paul Harford, MultiCam USA sales. “MultiCam has collaborated with excellent software and CNC controls provider ExtraTech to create the easiest design and control system on the market.” 

The machines feature hand-held CNC controls coupled with windows-based PC. In addition, the iPlasma CNC utilizes Hypertherm’s Powermax plasma series and offers a nationwide service network.

The iPlasmaCNC brand focuses on plasma cutting and metal fabrication for entry-level to mid-size metal fabrication shops and businesses, with table sizes starting from 4’x4′ all the way up to 6’x12′. Upon request, each system is upgradable to better suit a business’ specific manufacturing requirements.

For more information, visit the iPlasmaCNC website.

TRUMPF Disk Laser

(Image courtesy of TRUMPF.)

(Image courtesy of TRUMPF.)

The laser and laser system manufacturer TRUMPF recently showcased the latest generation of its TruDisk disk laser at the Laser – World of Photonics trade fair in Shanghai. This new generation of disk lasers is able to carry out condition and trend analyses–also known as condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

“Combined with our Condition Based Services for condition and trend analyses, the new TruDisk lasers are the perfect production tool for superior Industry 4.0 production lines,” said Klaus Löffler, managing director and head of sales at TRUMPF Lasertechnik GmbH. Condition Based Services are a modular component of TruConnect, the TRUMPF technology for connected manufacturing and Industry 4.0. They are intended increase the availability and productivity of connected laser systems while identifying potential cost savings.

The critical hub of the smart TruDisk beam source is the built-in control system known as CPX. This is the laser’s brain, where all the condition data and process parameters are collected. During processing, a broad array of sensors measure multiple parameters, including the actual laser output at microsecond intervals, all internal and external signal characteristics, the utilization rate of the beam source, and the condition of additional components.

The new generation of TruDisk lasers also incorporates a new feature designed to enhance the quality of the data obtained from the readings. Known as Precision Time Protocol, this feature synchronizes all the sensors and provides them with an identical time stamp. In the future (and with the customer’s prior approval) TRUMPF’s Condition Based Services will be used to analyze data parameters, carry out algorithm-based trend analyses and take targeted measures to determine the risk of potential laser failure in advance and prevent unscheduled downtime.

Another improvement over previous iterations of TruDisk lasers can be found in the new laser diodes. The new laser diodes are both compact and energy efficient, reducing the laser’s footprint, at just 0.85m2 (9.14 sq ft). That include the laser’s smart cooling system, which enables the use of cooling water at feed temperatures of up to 26° C. This eliminates the need for an external cooling unit in the majority of cases.

To boost the energy efficiency of the new TruDisk lasers, TRUMPF has equipped them with a new pulse function. This makes it possible to ramp the current of the pump diodes down to zero amps even during very short laser-off times between two processing steps. The new generation of lasers comes with a smart energy management system that switches the laser between different power-saving modes for each operation. The disk laser’s optics have also been redesigned to ensure optimum use of the diode pump light.

This is a disk laser designed to tackle a range of applications. From auto making, aerospace engineering, medical devices and electronics, to the supply sector and heavy industry, the TruDisk laser can be used for joining, coating, additive manufacturing, hardening and cutting.

The new generation of TruDisk lasers is available for laser outputs of between three and five kilowatts with fiber core diameters between 100 and 600 micrometers. Further models are due to be released this year.

For more information, visit the TRUMPF website.

Tsugami/Rem Sales CNC Machines

(Image courtesy of Tsugami/Rem Sales.)

(Image courtesy of Tsugami/Rem Sales.)

Tsugami/Rem Sales, the exclusive North American importer of Precision Tsugami machine tools, recently announced the details of its Precision Machining Technology Show (PMTS) technology display, which features three machines that have never been displayed at this show.

The company will showcase the new, next generation Tsugami B0205-III Swiss style CNC Lathe. The machine on display will feature robot loading and unloading systems integrated by Tsugami/Rem Sales’ sister company, Tsugami Automation.

“The loading system allows you to load shaped, headed blanks or premachined shaped parts,” Tsugami Automation vice president Graham Noake explained. “The unloading robot facilitates parts washing, gaging, or palletizing. Overall, these integrations increase the machine’s versatility for the user.”

The focus on automation continues with the PMTS launch of the new M08SY-II with Gantry. The robot-fed Multitask Lathe comes with a parts conveyor and catcher. “This machine can run for a long time without any operator intervention,” Tsugami/Rem Sales Product Manager Marcus Imes said, “and users can machine finished parts from slug stock or cast blanks while achieving the same high productivity as if they were machining from bar stock.” The M08SY-II has a Y axis, sub spindle and live tooling. It’s suitable for milling, drilling, cross-drilling and boring.

The Tsugami BW209Z is also new to the show this year. The 9-axis, 20 mm capacity split-slide CNC precision Swiss style lathe can house 28 tools and is equipped with a Fanuc 31i-B CNC.

“The benefit of a 9-axis machine,” Tsugami/Rem Sales vice president Mike Mugno said, “is that it has three cutting tools, all cutting the part simultaneously, and all three tools have independent feed rates.” This means shorter cycle times, Mugno explained. The machine is frequently used for pinch turning and pinch milling.

The SS327-5AX on display is one of Tsugami’s most popular machines. It’s a high-performance 7-axis Swiss Turn with a Servo-driven B axis. The B-axis live tools (four front and four rear) machine in coordination with the C axis, delivering the ability to cut precise angles and sculpted contours on parts up to 32 mm in diameter.

Visitors can also see the S206-II 20 mm 6-Axis Swiss Turn. The machine features a Y-axis tool post, allowing users to machine complex parts using the main and back spindle simultaneously.

For more information, visit the Tsugami/Rem Sales website.

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