THIS WEEK IN MACHINERY: Fiber Laser, Integrated Cryogenics, Waterjet and More

New products from BLM Group, Fives, Mazak and OMAX.

BLM Group Fiber Laser Tube Cutting System

The LT8.10 fiber laser tube cutting system. (Image courtesy of BLM Group.)

The LT8.10 fiber laser tube cutting system. (Image courtesy of BLM Group.)

BLM Group USA has announced the introduction of the Model LT8.10 fiber laser tube cutting system.

The LT8.10 is a three dimensional, 3 kW fiber laser tube cutting machine that provides flexibility and user-friendliness for laser cutting on a variety of materials for tube diameters up to 9.5”. The system is also well-suited to cutting highly reflective materials such as brass, copper and aluminum and can process round, square, rectangle, flat oval and D-shaped tubes, as well as open profiles such as C and U shaped channel bar.

The unit is equipped with the new ‘Tube Cutter’ 3D cutting head developed exclusively by BLM Group, which is more compact and lightweight, making it ideal for a variety of tube cutting applications including tilt cutting of thick-walled steel, in tubes and in open profiles and contours.

The LT8.10 is available in multiple load and unload configurations including an automatic bundle loader, automatic step loader and/or a manual single bar loader. Complex operations such as nesting multiple part numbers on the same bar and changing to different profiles are managed automatically.

The LT8.10 incorporates a variety of functions, including:

  • Active Marking for part marking and tracking
  • Active Piercing to increase piercing speed for productivity
  • Active Scan to deal with material variation
  • Active Speed to sustain quality across all cutting conditions
  • Active Focus, a technology that adjusts beam focal position

The LT8.10 uses BLM Group’s proprietary suite of tube-processing software, BLMelements. BLMelements is a set of tools for designing parts, estimating production times, creating part programs, planning production and integrating with other BLM Group machines. The software allows remote machine monitoring, collecting operating statistics and receives real-time notifications of events that may require attention.

For more information, visit the BLM Group website.

Fives Giddings & Lewis Vertical Turning Center

The Giddings & Lewis V 1250. (Image courtesy of Fives.)

The Giddings & Lewis V 1250. (Image courtesy of Fives.)

The new Fives Giddings Lewis V Series vertical turning center will make its trade-show debut at IMTS with the exhibit of a V 800 model. The new turning center line, with six table sizes from 800 to 2500 mm, is designed specifically for shops seeking a multi-purpose lathe for pumps, valves, gears, bearings, compressors, wheel hubs, jet engine housings and more.

All V series machines incorporate a hydrostatic ram to maximize rigidity for heavy, chatter-free cutting and improved part finish. The hydrostatic wear-free guides are designed to require less maintenance. The adjustable cross rail is a programmable positioning axis able to handle a wide range of parts and minimize ram extension. Dual scale feedback is designed to ensure parallelism while hydraulic cylinder elevation adds secure 1000 kN (225,000 lb) of mechanical clamping force per side.

The Giddings & Lewis VLock tooling system provides a stiff interface for modular tooling adaptors, long cutting tools and the optional heavy-duty right angle milling attachment.

Through-the-tool coolant and 8 bar (116 psi) flood coolant are standard, as is a 12-position tool storage disk. Options include 70 bar (1015 psi) high-pressure coolant and an 18-tool storage disk. Other options include tool and part probes and enclosures from standard to fully enclosed.

For more information, visit the Fives website.

Mazak Multi-Axis Milling/Turning Machine

The VARIAXIS i-800T multi-axis machine. (Image courtesy of Mazak.)

The VARIAXIS i-800T multi-axis machine. (Image courtesy of Mazak.)

At IMTS, Mazak will unveil its new VARIAXIS i-800T Multi-Tasking Machine developed especially for manufacturers in the aerospace industry. With full 5-axis milling and turning capabilities along with integrated liquid nitrogen cryogenics technology, the machine prevents the detrimental white layers typically generated when machining aerospace components from tough materials such as titanium, nickel, Invar and other exotics

At IMTS, Mazak will demonstrate the VARIAXIS i-800T cutting an aerospace jet-engine blisk. The machine will feature an 80-tool magazine and a 10,000-rpm, CAT-50 spindle. The machine’s trunnion-style tilting table and multi-tasking capability allows users to reduce the inaccuracies that occur when moving parts across multiple workstations.

With added cryogenics, the VARIAXIS i-800T also increases cutting tool life in addition to eliminating part surface white layers. Mazak’s cryogenics freeze cutting tools from the inside out and keeps their cutting tips/edges in a frozen state while workpiece materials remain in an ambient one.

In doing so, absolutely zero heat or thermal effects transfer into workpieces so that they maintain their base material integrity. The system also facilitates faster machining speeds and feeds, helps prevent burrs and contributes to the reduction of overall cost per part by making processes to remove white layers unnecessary.

For more information, visit the Mazak website.

OMAX Abrasive Waterjet

The MicroMAX abrasive waterjet. (Image courtesy of OMAX.)

The MicroMAX abrasive waterjet. (Image courtesy of OMAX.)

At IMTS 2016, OMAX Corporation will showcase the next generation of its MicroMAX abrasive waterjet.

The latest model of the MicroMAX includes accuracy-enhancing upgrades and expanded accessory compatibility. With this release, the OMAX Tilt-A-Jet cutting head comes standard for greater precision and virtually zero taper when working with most materials.

Contributing to the ultra-high precision capability of the MicroMAX is OMAX’s proprietary linear traction drive system that utilizes optical encoders to provide a positioning accuracy of less than five microns. Protective bellows seal off all precision components inside the MicroMAX and the machine’s rigid construction minimizes vibration. A catcher tank cooling package is now an option available to keep the water at a steady 72°F, preventing the work material from expanding and contracting during machining.

The MicroMAX is now compatible with the OMAX Precision Optical Locator (POL) as an add-on accessory. The POL can locate existing points, edges or holes in a premachined part for secondary machining operations or reverse engineering of a part where this is permissible. The Rotary Axis is another optional accessory compatible with the MicroMAX for full 6-axis machining.

A steel, epoxy-coated enclosure with sliding doors covers the MicroMAX system for quiet, clean machining. A mobile work station with provides the operator with set-up and monitoring capability. This latest model of the MicroMAX is compatible with the OMAX Variable Speed Solids Removal System (VS-SRS) to efficiently remove garnet from the waterjet catcher tank.

For more information, visit the OMAX website.

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