THIS WEEK IN AUTOMATION: Robot Arms, Vision Systems, and More

The newest products from AutomationDirect, COMAU, ROBOTIQ, TM Robotics and Guyson.

AutomationDirect Adds Helical Gearboxes to IronHorse Line

AutomationDirect’s IronHorse line of motor products now includes helical gearboxes which provide quiet startup and smooth operation in applications such as conveyors, packaging machines, rotary tables, and more. Designed for use with 1Hp to 20Hp electric motors, IronHorse gearboxes reduce output speed while increasing torque.

IronHorse Helical gearboxes feature C-face and TC-face inputs, inline outputs, and are available in five frame sizes ranging from 56C up to 254/6TC with six nominal ratios of 5:1 to 60:1. Manufactured in an ISO9001-certified plant, the gearboxes are constructed of FC-20 cast iron one-piece housings, and feature a carbon steel shaft protected with shaft sleeves, as well as heat-treated and ground high-strength steel gears. An interior channel guides oil to directly and constantly lubricate heavy-duty bearings on the output shaft; double-lipped embedded oil seals prevent leakage. Mountable in most directions, the universally interchangeable compact design ensures easy OEM replacement.

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RACER5-0.63 and RACER5-0.80 from COMAU

Comau presents the extension of its small robot family for quick applications in restricted spaces, including handling, assembly and pick and place, by introducing two new robots – Racer5-0.63 and Racer5-0.80.

Both are controlled by the R1C 19″ rack-mounted controller, which can be integrated into a single cabinet to control an entire line. The robots are also available in the openROBOTICS version where the robot is directly integrated into the existing machine/line automation controlled by B&R technologies.

In doing so, Comau keeps the promise made last June with the launch of the Racer3, when it announced a competitive presence in the small machine sector within a year.

Both robots are built on the Racer3 technological platform, thus offering solutions which share the same components and parts, in a strategy aimed at expanding the integrated range of robots.

In detail, the two new robots expand the capacity of Racer3 in terms of payload and reach. Racer5-0.63 features a reach of 630mm and payload of 5kg. Racer5- 0.80 is also rated for a payload of 5kg, but has an extended reach of 809mm.

All the other features of Racer3 remain the same, including the sectors and applications for which they are suited: handling, assembly and pick and place.

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Robotiq has recently launched a new vision-guided pick and place solution for Universal Robots that can be setup on a shop floor in five minutes. No external PC is required to setup, program or run the Camera. Everything is done right from the robot user interface.

“We kept seeing projects that would work much better with machine vision, but manufacturers stayed away because of the complexity and cost of existing solutions,” explains Samuel Bouchard, CEO of Robotiq. “This is why we set out to create a camera and vision software that could be setup and used by anyone.”

The compact camera design fits perfectly on the UR wrist and offers direct connectivity to the controller. Moreover, the Robotiq Camera’s user friendly software is embedded within Universal Robot’s graphical user interface. 

Robotiq’s vision system for Universal Robots is commercially available now. A live demonstration of the product can be seen at Robotiq’s booth at Automatica, Hall B5, booth 512.

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TSVision3D from TM Robotics

TM Robotics, in partnership with Toshiba Machine, recently announced the launch of Toshiba Machine’s TSVision3D software at Automatica 2016.

TSVision3D was developed and designed so anyone can understand and use it. Carefully created as an optimized balance between processing speed and accuracy, companies in industries such as food preparation, pharmaceutical, and order fulfillment now have access to usability-oriented support software that enables system integrators to easily automate bulk picking.

While human workers can look at a jumbled bin full of parts and immediately identify the best way to pick up items based on their shape and position, avoiding the edge of the bin as they reach inside, the complexities of automating these actions have been prohibitive until recently.

Now, with TSVision3D, the system incorporates two integrated, high-speed stereo cameras that are capable of 30 frames per second for continuous, real-time 3D images. The camera manages image capture, processing and parallax operations to identify items’ positions, and the vision software adds easy model registration without requiring complex CAD data.

In support of the TSVision3D launch, TM Robotics has also written a white paper on automating bin-picking as a cost-effective option. Click HERE to read more.

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Rotary-Index Twin Spindle Machine from The Guyson Corporation of USA

Guyson’s model RXS-400 (Rotary-Index, Twin Spindle) machine, designed for cellular manufacturing, is The Guyson Corporations newest platform to use for building a Super Precise Robotic grit blaster.

The Expanded version utilizes a Fanuc M710 Robot which carries a bank of (8) Guyson Model 900 guns, mounted in a custom designed heavy duty cabinet with powered sliding door. The robot suit is custom designed to accommodate abrasion protection and freedom of movement to reduce the possibility of robot faults due to the suit binding on the arm.

The robot controls Twin precision Alpha S4 servos coupled to Apex precision 50 to 1 ratio gear boxes. A precision (2) stop “CAM Technologies” indexer puts the part in the exact location for the robot to paint the surface. A roof mounted Precision Rotary Union supplies air to the custom vacuum holding fixtures.

The reclaim system is Guyson’s 300/28 cyclone with urethane lining for super abrasion protection coupled to a 36” (4) deck classifier with thin ball tray. Media fluidity is maintained by added a PLC controlled heater pad and vibrator mounted to the 6 cu. Ft. mixer box.

Broken down media is replenished using Guyson’s PLC controlled media adder. The metering of the metal bead media is controlled through the PLC and Magnavalves. The media is pre-staged in custom designed miniature hoppers before being delivered to the control valves.

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