ThingWorx Integration for Industrial Internet of Things Development

OSIsoft PI System to be integrated with PTC’s ThingWorx IIoT platform.

OSIsoft’s overview of its PI System. (Image courtesy of OSIsoft.)

OSIsoft’s overview of its PI System. (Image courtesy of OSIsoft.)

PTC, makers of the ThingWorx Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform, has announced a plan to collaborate with operational intelligence company OSIsoft. This collaboration will result in the ThingWorx IIoT platform being integrated with OSIsoft’s Predictive Intelligence (PI) System in an effort to accelerate development of solutions for the IIoT.

The OSIsoft PI System offers businesses a data infrastructure that aims to yield real-time historical predictive insights. The four-step system involves capturing data, searching and analyzing past and present data, visualizing the data and sharing the data, with the end goal of improving business operations.

The upcoming ThingWorx integration will allow users of the PI System to also utilize ThingWorx’s capabilities to further their IIoT strategies. These capabilities include features for augmented reality, machine learning, industrial connectivity, application enablement and access to the ThingWorx Marketplace.

In addition, the partnership also hopes to result in joint IIoT solutions for industrial contexts, including oil and gas, utilities and manufacturing.

“The collaboration between OSIsoft and PTC would combine the comprehensive IIoT capabilities of ThingWorx with rich PI System data sources to enable faster realization of more robust and advanced IIoT solutions,” said PTC’s Howard Heppelmann. “Fundamental to success in the IIoT space is not only the ability to aggregate and contextualize business and operational data in real time, but also the ability to have capabilities that allow for action and insights off of that data.”

The latest in a long line of PTC partners, OSIsoft is also optimistic about the collaboration and believes it will ultimately result in a competitive edge for its customers.

“In the fast-changing world of the IIoT, it’s critical that we continue to offer our customers the latest capabilities for them to maintain a competitive advantage and recognize business value,” said OSIsoft’s Martin Otterson. “As planned, layering the ThingWorx platform over the PI System data infrastructure would extend the value that our customers can realize from the PI System. The powerful capabilities, market reach and IIoT leadership position of PTC make it an ideal partner for OSIsoft in the IIoT landscape.”

One takeaway from PTC’s growing list of partnerships is the recognition that the IIoT landscape is vast; accordingly, success will come to businesses that focus on specific industries rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Learn more in “ThingWorx and Deloitte Release Plans for Industry-Specific IoT Solutions.”

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