ThingWorx Expands Partner Ecosystem to Advance IoT Innovation

Partner companies can collaborate on the ThingWorx Marketplace to share IoT applications and services.

The ThingWorx Marketplace has a vast collection of apps, extensions and third-party integrations for the ThingWorx IoT platform. (Image courtesy of ThingWorx.)

The ThingWorx Marketplace has a vast collection of apps, extensions and third-party integrations for the ThingWorx IoT platform. (Image courtesy of ThingWorx.)

Internet of Things (IoT) company PTC recently announced that it has expanded its partner ecosystem built on its flagship IoT tool, ThingWorx. The ThingWorx partner ecosystem aims to unite companies in collaboration to address and solve the opportunities and problems of the IoT. By doing so, PTC is hoping to advance both IoT innovation and adoption worldwide.


The 125 partners already in the ThingWorx ecosystem include a number of influential companies looking to further their IoT initiatives, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), developers of the IoT Button; Cisco, working with the German city of Hamburg to create a functional smart city; and Dell, which has an IoT Solutions Partner Program of its own.


The ThingWorx Marketplace

First and foremost, the partner ecosystem allows the partners to utilize ThingWorx technology to quickly and effectively build connected solutions. The system promotes a focus on the core components of IoT success, such as analytics, application development and connectivity, across the wide range of partner industries including manufacturing, aerospace/defense, telecommunications and smart cities.


In addition, partners have the opportunity to connect the functionality of their application with the functionality of other partner applications on the ThingWorx Marketplace. Here, companies can list their applications, extensions, solutions and services for other partners and customers to see. As part of the system, all components listed on the marketplace are tested to work with the ThingWorx platform. In this way, the marketplace aims to facilitate IoT collaboration and accelerate time-to-market on IoT solutions.


Collaboration in a Growing Market

The IoT market is growing all the time. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), the worldwide IoT market will reach $1.7 trillion by the year 2020. As it grows, the market is becoming increasingly competitive. Fortunately, many IoT companies see the advantages of open collaboration and PTC is the latest of several companies that have recently formed IoT partnerships.


“The Internet of Things is having a significant impact on the design, production, operation and management of everyday products, prompting more companies to find the right partner to enhance their offerings and processes,” said Jim Heppelmann, president and CEO of PTC. “The selection of ThingWorx as an IoT solution by these partner companies validates our vision and open cloud platform approach and serves as an endorsement of our easy-to-use tools that are critical to the success of any IoT strategy.”

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