Theorem Solutions Updates Publish 3D for CATIA V5

Theorem Solutions adds new features to its latest 3D PDF publish tool for CATIA.

Theorem Solutions has announced the release of its latest Publish 3D update for Dassualt Systèmes CATIA V5.

The latest iteration of the 3D PDF publication application, V19.4, supports all CATIA versions from R19 to R26 and features a number of new improvements that help streamline 3D PDF workflows.

Chief among these improvements are enhanced support for attribute information and exploded views, improvements to view and capture view orientation, and better handling of the product manufacturing information (PMI) associated with a model. In addition, model-based definition (MBD) and 3D annotations can be extracted from CATIA and added to a 3D PDF to create a dynamic and more useful manufacturing and analysis document.

Publish 3D is also well regarded for its ability to protect sensitive intellectual property (IP) through the use of predefined templates. Users can rest assured that any 3D model embedded within a 3D PDF document can be shared with third parties whether they be manufacturers, vendors or other project partners.

Theorem’s engineers have also streamlined the process of creating multiple 3D PDF documents from a single model using the company’s Unified Interface (UI). Through the UI, ready-made templates can be called down, and 3D model views and corresponding information can be curated to build easy-to-use documentation. If Theorem’s prefabricated templates don’t address a firm’s needs, Theorem’s in-house consultancy services can work with partners to build a custom template that better suits their needs.

Finally, Publish 3D documents can be accessed by anyone who has access to Adobe Reader, making it a universal solution for sharing manufacturing documents.

For more information about the latest version of Theorem’s Publish 3D for CATIA, visit the Theorem Solutions website