The Year in Infrastructure 2017 Conference Kicks off with New Services Announcement

Infrastructure conference comes to Singapore and launches new cloud-based CONNECTservices.

With its limited land area and growing population, Singapore faces some unique challenges when it comes to infrastructure. From water, to transportation, to land reclamation (and a whole lot more), Singapore is investing heavily in infrastructure research in order to stay ahead of any problems that may occur in the future.

So, given the Singaporean love of infrastructure research, it seems fitting that the 2017 Year in Infrastructure Conference by Bentley Systems has temporarily been relocated from its more typical location (London) to be hosted in Singapore.

The location change is made doubly appropriate by the choice of the conference venue. The Marina Bay Sands resort was the winner of a Bentley Systems Be Inspired Award in 2010, for Innovation in Structural Engineering. The prizes are awarded each year to companies that have made use of Bentley software to make their concepts a reality.  This year’s winners will be announced over the next couple of days, and we will publish the details as soon as we have them.

Figure 1. Reclaimed land (left) before construction of the MBS resort (right). (Image courtesy of

Figure 1. Reclaimed land (left) before construction of the MBS resort (right). (Image courtesy of

The conference opened up with a media day, followed by the announcement of a new range of cloud services from Bentley. The new Microsoft Azure-based services, dubbed collectively as CONNECTservices, provide cloud-based capabilities to the existing SELECT program, and will be accessible to all current Bentley software users. The CONNECTservices include Adaptive Learning Services, Personal Mobility Services and ProjectWise Connection Services.

The Adaptive Learning elements consist of contextual help, tutorials, live webinars and a whole bunch of other goodies designed to keep users’ skills up to date.

The Personal Mobility services will ensure that all Bentley subscribers will have full access to Bentley Mobile Apps, enabling users to monitor their projects anywhere, and anytime, via the Bentley Mobile Apps, which are ProjectWise Edge Mobile, ProjectWise WorkSite, Bentley Navigator Mobile, OpenRoads Navigator Mobile, and Bentley Map Mobile.

ProjectWise Connection Services is geared toward streamlining the project delivery process, and complements the existing ProjectWise Design Integration service, which is a proven work-sharing platform for collaborative engineering teams.

The ProjectWise CONNECT Edition cloud service includes several enhanced features, including deliverables management, issues resolution, field data management and construction management (for monitoring costs, change and risk).

“Our application users and their organizations are appropriately making going digital their business priority. In our own business at Bentley Systems, I feel that we should be correspondingly responsible to take full advantage of cloud services to advance application users’ learning, mobility, and collaboration,” said Greg Bentley, CEO of Bentley Systems. “In going digital ourselves, we are provisioning our application subscribers with intrinsic Microsoft Azure services. With CONNECTservices, our contribution to subscribers’ project success is not limited to application executables and sporadically requested support. Now, through Azure cloud services, our “connected” support for applications is literally continuous, and literally contextual, across users’ learning curves, devices, teams and workdays—and we have been enabled to virtualize this expanded advancement responsibility across our thousands of applications-masterful colleagues globally: together, going digital! Bentley application subscribers can and should ’get connected’ immediately,” continued Bentley.

Figure 2 Mobility, learning and collaboration are the order of the day with the Bentley Mobile Apps. (Image courtesy of Bentley Systems.)

Figure 2 Mobility, learning and collaboration are the order of the day with the Bentley Mobile Apps. (Image courtesy of Bentley Systems.)

These announcements fit in well with the general theme of the conference, which appears to have a common thread of digitization, cloud-based collaboration and big data.

And you can be sure that we will be keeping you up to date with the conference events and any new announcements from the conference, as and when they happen.

So, keep your eyes peeled over the next few days as we bring you articles on the latest developments in infrastructure, announce the latest winners from the Bentley contests, and take a look at the hosting venue, the unique Marina Bay Sands resort (one of the most expensive hotel constructions in the world).