The Xhibitionist is a Yacht and Floating Office

Yachts are symbols of lavish opulence. Some might say that sticking three helipads on one is going too far. Swedish designer Eduard Gray, however, says it doesn’t go far enough. According to Gray Design, the 75 meter Xhibitionist, Gray’s latest creation, “has been designed with very real, very modern and very useful applications in mind. It is, first and foremost, a cleverly engineered workhorse; a nautical tool designed to fulfill many different roles.”

The Xhibitionist can serve as an automotive showroom, a floating office, or a concert venue, presumably for bands popular among swimmers. It “poses a serious option for investors when comparing to the real estate market in terms of dollars per square foot.” Whether investors are willing to take the risk of seeing their investment wind up somewhere at the bottom of the Mediterranean is another matter entirely, but the fact remains that this is one beautifully engineered boat.

To ensure that the Xhibitionist meets all of its goals for showmanship, Gray Design built the craft on an extremely stable inverted trimaran hull configuration. On top of this base, a lavishly decorated art-nouveau styled interior creates a flowing, futuristic space where anything from guestrooms to retail space can be arranged.

But the most impressive piece of engineering is the Xhibitionist’s retractable solar panels. Built into the bow, they emerge at the press of a button, creating a massive, energy generating surface. Of course, space is always at a premium on a ship, so the panels can also double as a helipad or even a concert stage. Just make sure you’ve charged the batteries before you start.

At this point it’s unclear whether the Xhibitionist will even be constructed, but if it is, the world will be able to marvel at one gloriously designed boondoggle.

Watch a Video of the Xhibitionist in Action:

Images and Video Courtesy of Gray Design