The Ryno Microcycle is a Sci-Fi Inspired Single Wheeler

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Designed as an urban transportation option, the Ryno Microcycle is a single wheeled, personal vehicle that’s fully electric. Using a rider’s lean to accelerate, decelerate and turn the miniature moto’s entire powerplant and engine fits within the hub of its lone racing tire.

Weighing in at a lean 57 kilos (125lbs) the Ryno has a top speed of 15mph and will travel up to 10 miles on a single charge. Given its top speed and limited range the Ryno is probably restricted to city dwellers, however, its looks belie a science fiction pedigree that’s hard not to admire.

If the Ryno could boost its range, and deliver  more pep to its riders it might actually catch on with bike enthusiasts and forward looking tech lovers. Given its method of acceleration and control any more power might make the Ryno too dangerous to ride, but hey, risk is half the fun of speed, right?!

For those interested in the Ryno’s present incarnation the microcycle can be purchased for around $5,300.

Images and Video Courtesy of Ryno Motors