The New MBX Systems Varion P1 Portable Image Generator Platform

This system is 16 pounds, portable and can be tethered to other systems.

The Varion P1 Portable Image Generator Platform from MBX Systems. (Image courtesy of MBX Systems.)

The Varion P1 Portable Image Generator Platform from MBX Systems. (Image courtesy of MBX Systems.)

Rack-mounted servers, or rack servers, are computers configured for installation in a central framework commonly referred to as rack. In any given facility, the rack-mounted server contains a computer or computers in a slot or slots. A rack-mounted server is an “air-traffic controller” of all remote and local sharing activity at a facility. There are different sizes, including wall-sized server racks that are used for things such as training and simulation. They are generally not sufficient in size to be considered a portable system.

In simulations, a wall-sized server racks hold the computation system that acts as a “host” for an image generator. An image generator is comprised of one or more rendering channels. Each rendering channel produces an image called an “out-of the-window” scene. Images are also produced by different sensor simulations, such as night vision, electro-optical or infra-red, for example.

Since the wall-sized server racks act as a host for simulations and are not small enough to be portable, they cannot be easily moved around for training and other purposes.

A company called MBX Systems has built a small, portable image generator platform to fill the gap of mobility in simulation systems. It is called the Varion P1 image generator platform.

The Varion P1 allows users to move their simulations around to different geographies, giving them the capabilities to display 3D images in more realistic environments that may more closely resemble the actual environment they are training to perform in.

The Varion P1 is only 16 pounds and has a footprint of 12.80in x 5.48in x 8.49in. It has a built-in carrying handle for easy portability. It supports the newest AMD and NVIDIA GPUs and can withstand high- and low-operating temperatures that are characterized by a range of different environments for simulation activity. When equipped with a solid-state drive (SSD), it can withstand operational vibrations of .00065G2/Hz.

To physically connect it to a simulator, customers can purchase an optional VESA mount. For extreme environments, users can purchase an optional ruggedized case for protection in mobile environments.

Bottom Line

The Varion P1 is only one in a series of MBX image generator reference platforms from the company. There are also 1U, 2U and 4U rack mount options, each of which can be customized for different projects. Overall, the Varion P1 image generator reference platform is particularly good for those seeking a mobile solution to their simulation training projects.