The GstarCAD Mechanical 2021 Receives New Updates

The platform offers an integrated and standardized drawing environment for efficient mechanical designing.

The GstarCAD Mechanical 2021 platform. (Image courtesy of GstarCAD.)

The GstarCAD Mechanical 2021 platform. (Image courtesy of GstarCAD.)

CAD innovation software developer GstarCAD has officially launched their all-new GstarCAD Mechanical 2021. The upgraded platform features over 100 automated CAD tools for mechanical design and manufacturing applications. This includes industry-specific design and drawing software that can be easily adapted for optimized mechanical designing and drawing processes. The last update for the GstarCAD Mechanical was around 2011 which then featured CAD APIs support (GRX, VBA, Vlisp, SDS, and Autolisp), allowing for easy integration of third-party programming solutions. Users could also port advanced ARX applications that were developed via AutoCAD into GstarCAD.

The improved GstarCAD Mechanical 2021 is a standardized drawing platform and already includes built-in international drafting environment standards such as ANSI, BSI, CSN, DIN, GB, GOST, ISO, and JIS. According to GstarCAD, these can be customized according to a company’s specific design requirements, making it adaptable to all sorts of industrial and manufacturing fields. The platform now also supports improved compatibility with ACM which lets users easily modify and exchange ACM data. ACM drawing data can now be read and displayed more accurately while also allowing for easy editing and saving. Users can also make use of several new professional dimensioning tools for adjusting dimensions more accurately and efficiently. This includes power dimensions, multiple dimensions, and more.

The GstarCAD Mechanical also offers an extensive and simplified library for different drafting standards. This lets users customize standards, mechanical symbols, dimensions, and other features. According to GstarCAD, users can increase efficiency on symbol annotation input by using the available ready-made symbols in the library. Designers still have the option of building their own drawing templates or adding newly-created symbols to the library. Users can also customize and reorganize their Parts List through a new drag and drop, as well as a copy and paste feature, for better convenience. This allows designers to easily build and manage libraries for a more streamlined work process while avoiding repetitive drawing.

Some other enhancements also include an improved Associative Hide feature which lets users manage hidden details. Users can then expect better calculation efficiency and accuracy for forefront designing. A new smart association system between ballon numbers and parts ensures that data is always up-to-date, while also automatically generating a BOM (bill of materials) for full digital association across different departments including engineering, supply chain, and manufacturing.

Key features users can expect on the GstarCAD Mechanical 2021 are:

  • Intelligent Detail View which magnifies partial regions in the drawing via box selection. This lets users create linked partial views with different scales.
  • Hole Charts that let users list holes in different hole charts through the filter function for a more optimized manufacturing process.
  • Hide Situation which allows you to draw hidden lines in place of hidden edges to show what objects are in front and what lie behind. These update automatically when objects are modified.
  • Section Line lets users draw a section line and inserts the corresponding section view label in the drawing area. Section view styles can be adjusted through the section line dialog box.
  • Fits List generates a fits list based on the drawing area dimensions and lets users place it at a location of their choice.
  • Chamfer/Fillet allows for quick resizing using the original dialog parameters just by double-clicking the chamfer.
  • Integration Management allows for the easy exchange of drawing data via PLM, PDM, and ERP systems, helping integrate the management of various enterprise products.

GstarCAD Mechanical 2021 is currently being offered for a free 30-day trial. Visit for more information.