The First Video Camera

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While you might think that the first video camera appeared in the 1960s, in actual fact the first practical video camera was unveiled at a press conference in June of 1933, its name – the Iconoscope.

Created by Vladimir Zworykin at RCA, the device was first patented by Zworykin in 1923. While it took Zworykin nearly 10 years to complete a functional model by 1936 a camera using Zworykin’s Inconoscope technology was being used to broadcast the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin.  

For the next decade Zworykin’s icnonoscope was the leading camera tube used for broadcasting images in the US. In 1946 the iconoscope technology was replaced by the image orthicon tube, a technology that held sway until the mid-1980s.

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Image Courtesy of Suzanne Kantak

Source: IEEE Spectrum