The Final Mercedes SLS AMG is Fast… Superfast

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After only 4 years of production Mercedes Benz is calling an end to its AMG SLS line of supercars. While car collectors the world ‘round have come to love the budget supercar’s performance (a standard model runs $201k), avid collectors will be sure to covet it’s final incarnation.

Limited to only 350 units the 6.3L V8 powered SLS AMG will produce 591 horsepower of drive—More than enough to get you where you’re going.  In fact, given that a “standard” 583 HP SLS AMG will race from 0-60 in 3.6 seconds, I’m willing to bet the AMG GT Final will be able to best that mark.

As of this writing Mercedes has yet to announce the price for each of these beauties. But if you’re in the mood to drop some cash they’ll be on display at both the Tokyo and Los Angeles Motor Shows.   

While it’s a shame that Mercedes is discontinuing the SLS AMG line, we’ve got to hand it to the German auto giant, they’re really putting the car out to pasture with some style.

Images Courtesy of Mercedes